Awakenings Part 2

Sahavas Humor -- Part I

To: All Dear Ones
By email:
Date: 28th June, 2001
Subject: Bhau's "Awakening" of 28th June -- Sahavas Humor -- Part I


From Bhau:

My dearest Bobby Manonash [Jeff Maguire],

Yesterday [Wednesday, 27th June] I sent you one e-mail and afterwards I was attending other work of the Trust and also e-mails, but my predominant thought was that I should send you a message for L.A. Sahavas. I completed the office work at 7:00 p.m. and then took a short walk. Afterwards I went for dinner, but the thought lingered that I had to send a message to you for the L.A. Sahavas.

Then at 10:30 p.m. I prayed to Baba, "Please, Beloved Baba, give me one message for the L.A. Sahavas as requested by Your dear Jeff. He is humorous, and therefore give something humorous in form of a message."

Then I went to bed.

After some hours, I was half awake and half asleep. I was dreaming, and Baba appeared in my dream.

"You want a message for the L.A. Sahavas and you want something humorous to please Jeff? You witnessed the 1955 and 1958 Sahavas at Meherabad and observed every little thing which happened at the time. That is My message.

"When the pilgrims came the first day, I embraced each one. I told them that they must be very free here, as if they were in their own homes. 'Do not hesitate to see the doctors if you are not feeling well. Those who are used to allopathic treatment should go to Dr. Nilu or Dr. Donkin. Those who are used to homeopathy should go to Padri. Eat well and sleep well. Forget the world. Forget your business. Forget your family. Just be with Me. If you think of any other thing, you cannot be with Me. So long as you are here, do not be with the world, be with Me.'

"I gave so many instructions on the first day. One person, Dorab Shaw Umrigar, from Bombay, registered in his mind that I had asked everyone to be free and feel as if they were living in their own home.

"Early in the morning, I would come from Meherazad to Meherabad, where I would take My breakfast. I would also take My lunch there. There was one boy, Bapu, who would make My breakfast and lunch. I would like to have a little cream for My breakfast. But the day after I gave him these instructions, no cream was there when he brought My breakfast. Only dry bread.

"'Where is My cream?' I asked Bapu.

"He replied, 'Baba, I kept the cream in the safe [small cupboard], but I don't know who ate it. In the morning, when I opened the safe the cream was not there.'

"'You must have eaten the cream!' I replied. "Tomorrow, if you don't bring cream for Me, I will get rid of you and appoint somebody else in your place!'

"In the evening I would return to Meherazad. The second day, when I came to Meherabad and Bapu brought My breakfast, again there was no cream.

"'Again there is no cream!' I said to him.

"He replied that he had kept the cream in the safe, and he did not know who had eaten it.

"'If I don't get cream tomorrow,' I warned Bapu, 'I will not see your face!'

"Then what happened?

"Bapu hid in the kitchen and remained awake the whole night. While everyone was sleeping, Dorab Shaw came into the kitchen, opened the safe and ate the cream. Bapu remained concealed. He was very, very happy, thinking that he caught the thief.

"The following morning, when he brought Me My breakfast, still there was no cream.

"'Now I will not see your face!' I exclaimed. 'Yesterday I warned you, and still there is no cream!'

"Bapu said to Me, 'Baba, I caught the thief! When everyone sleeps at night, he comes into the kitchen and eats your cream!'

"So I said to Bapu, 'Bring that thief to me.'

"Bapu went and brought Dorab Shaw. I said to Dorab Shaw, 'You eat My cream? You open the safe in the dead of the night, and you eat the cream which is kept for Me?'

"Dorab Shaw said to Me, 'Baba, You had given instruction that I should remain free, and behave as I do in my home. So I am telling You the truth. In order to follow Your instructions, I eat the cream because I do the same thing at home.'

"I laughed and said to him, 'You are the only person obeying My instruction 100%. But stop it, and from tomorrow, don't eat my cream.'

"He accepted this, and then he left. Now I had told the pilgrims that they should be free here, and they should stay here as if they are in their homes.'

"But how to remain free? Dorab Shaw was not free. He was going to the kitchen in the dead of the night so that nobody would see him. He was committing theft, so he was not free. To remain free is to remain in the Present. This Present should not be connected with the past or the future. I am eternally Present. To remain in My Sahavas in the present, you must not connect yourself with the past or the future. You must be with Me. When you are with Me, you cannot think about the world. When lovers come for My Sahavas, for that period at least, they should remain aloof from the world.

"What would I do with the pilgrims when they were with Me? I would embrace them. I would ask them different things. I would have them tell Me humorous stories. I would serve them food. I would play with them. I would ask them to sing. In this way, I would keep them engaged so that they would not be able to think of any other thing outside the Sahavas.

"Now I am not in this body, but I am very active in everyone. In order to feel Me active within, the pilgrims who attend My Sahavas in L.A. or elsewhere should remain engaged with the activities there. I don't say that they should close their eyes and meditate. I say that they remain engaged with the activities of the Sahavas program. In this way they remain with Me, and not with their false self."

Trust Office
Ahmednagar, MS, India
Thursday, 28th June, 2001

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