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The nice people at Meher Baba Film Archive International in England are letting us preview the restored film footage of Beloved Baba's Entombment. "The Entombment Film" (aka "The Great Darshan") of Meher Baba's laying to rest between January 31st and February 7th 1969. MBF (or MEFA) was started by Delia de Leon and Pete Townshend at Meher Baba Oceanic in London. It is the most complete archive of film of Meher Baba in the world. The present curator of the archive, Richard O'Casey, was uniquely given personal permission by Mehera and Mani to show The Entombment Film to people who have a sympathy with or understanding of Meher Baba. Richard told us, "All the 16mm Kodachrome footage taken at the Entombment has been very successfully restored. This ten minute film is a shortened version of the material to capture the poi nuance and magnificence of this great event in 1969, and also to showcase the new restoration.


NOTE: This video is presented in high Definition, If you have trouble playing this video, click here to play in a more standard definition.
 Listen to Meher Baba's Birthday Song live from the Samadhi 5:00 am February 25th 2003.


Meher Baba Trust

The Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust Web Site

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Nectar for the Children

Stories dictated by Meher Baba to Bhau Kalchuri

In 1968 Baba told Bhau to write a children's book including stories He had given him. And then he forgot. In 2002, Bhau was reminded of Baba's wish and has therefore written Nectar for the Children, including stories such as The Mischievous Chicken, The Two Kings, The Seven Fishes and more, totaling 18 stories in all. Nad Wolinska has enlived each story with beautifully painted color illustrations. Following each story is an explanation of it's moral and spiritual meaning.

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Meherabad Diary


Jai Meher Baba to you all!

My last Meherabad Diary was in January 2013. After years of taking a break, I have been feeling strongly the need to share the many changes that are happening here in Meherabad. Our life is changing so fast that it is almost hard to keep up, and I am concerned the Baba Lover community in the future may not know of these daily changes unless they are recorded. I hope you find them interesting, as I sure do.

Judy Stephens

To read Judy's Meherabad Diary, click here.

Jelauddin Balkhi (Rumi)

Jelauddin Balkhi (Rumi), God realized 13th century poet. Described by Meher Baba as one of the greatest minds to ever be born upon the earth.

Come, come whomever you are, wanderer, worshipper, lover of leaving. Ours is not a caravan of despair but ours is a caravan of hope. Come, come even if you've broken your vows a thousand times. Come yet again, come...

The History Of Meher Baba's Rainbow Flag

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Meher Baba's Flag


Remembering Adrian Rawlins

Adrian Rawlins Remembers the Beloved, February 24th, 2000, Old Lower Meherabad Pilgrim Center

Read more about Adrian, his life with Baba and his poetry click here

HEROES! Less We Forget

Worldwide Meher Baba Family Meeting/Chat from Meherabad

Dear Worldwide Baba Family,


We would like to inform you of an exciting live Webcast from Meherabad on the Internet called The Worldwide Baba Family Meeting. This broadcast is the actualization of a dream that some of the residents of Meherabad and Meher Nazar have held in our hearts since Bhauji went to Baba.  This Webcast, launched on January 5, 2014, from 4:30 to 8:00 p.m. India time, is a vehicle for Baba Lovers throughout the world to stay in touch with each other and to experience the treasure of His love from those who have been with Baba for many years or have been fortunate enough to have His darshan.

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Mastery In Servitude

Join Tavern Talk

Since January, 2000 the Trust has been sending out periodic news postings through the internet to a subscriber email list. "Tavern Talk", as this electronic publication has been entitled, serves as a kind of informal worldwide "family letter" carrying announcements, news and stories from the mandali, reports on special events such as Amartithi and Birthday programmes, moments and episodes and fragrances from the life of Meherabad and Meherazad, and other miscellaneous accounts.

The phrase "Tavern Talk" is an illusion to the divine "Tavern of Love" celebrated in the ghazals of Hafiz and other Sufi poets. To subscribe, send an email to <[email protected]> , and in the body of the communication type: subscribe tavern-talk.

Featured Highlights

Creation: The Abbreviated Version

A Film by Rich Mauro

Inspired by Meher Baba's book, God Speaks, this humorous short depicts the Universe's origination from Primordial Nothingness and one drop soul’s evolution – mineral, worm...animal to human being - then its spiritual advancement to Universal Nothingness, finally reaching the state of God-Realization.


The film shows that everyone, even Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees fans can achieve this sublime state.


Click on the link to watch Creation: The Abbreviated Version

O'Parvardigar © by Pete Townshend

A special gift for you...

O' Parvardigar by Pete Townshend

Happy Birthday Avatar Meher Baba!

Thanks Pete...don &Dave




The Music of Bob and Jane Brown

From the Best of Bob and Jane Brown

A compilation of the best songs recorded by Bob and Jane Brown from the years 1973-1991. And a never-released song as well! Their voices blend like honey and butter. They are accompanied by Raphael Rudd on harp, Jeff Seitz on drums (Jeff was the stand in for Stuart Copland of The Police). Julie Kohl-Skiff on violin (former violinist in the National Symphony) and many, many other great musicians and singers


Meher Baba Videos

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