It was with a bit of a start that I realized several weeks ago that I have now completed fifty years of constant work on various projects involving Baba's words, starting in 1952 when he advised Murshida Duce and myself that he would like us to edit a book he would soon send us for publishing. That master work was soon followed by the material he gave me in India and which became the basis for what was entitled Listen, Humanity. Hardly was that finished when I found myself involved in the reediting of the original Deshmukh edition of the Discourses and finally Baba's decision that the Discourses should be translated into three major European tongues, and subsequent additions to that to include his other major works.

As so much of this continuing undertaking was carried out directly under Baba's eye on frequent visits with him, I have long felt that one day before my recollections of all this important activity undertaken under Baba's direct oversight had dimmed, I should offer to my companions in His love their recounting. Also, there has been the constantly forming story of how Baba indicated the care that must be exercised in preserving this great body of his direct words and the central role he visualized that they were to play in the lives of his devotees in the future.

I feel that this fiftieth anniversary of Baba's assignment of the work on his words is the fitting time to offer this saga. My thought is to suggest that there be four of these sessions on the West Coast in possibly June, and four more in perhaps October, carried out in much the same manner that we did the similar series on God Speaks: a week-end devoted to the exchanges I enjoy so much, four hous each day split, between the morning and the afternoon. My thought was to start with Los Angeles, continue to the San Franciso Bay area, then to Portland and winding up in Seattle. The fall series would be likely to start with New England, continue to the New York area, then on to the Center in Myrtle Beach and finally Atlanta.

Although the first of these week-end seminars would still be several months away, I feel it is best to start the planning now and see how it develops. What do you think? Incidentally, for a title I have felt that "Meher Baba's Word and His Three Bridges" describes where I would like to go. While "the Word" needs no explanation, I should make clear that the three bridges is a deep conviction I have that Baba has structured his current avataric advent into three major parts in which he handles the first and critical part in the flesh, then passes the immediate responsibility to those he has trained and are dear to him, and the third is built on the story he told me of the role of his special words.