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Meher Baba Film Archive International Listen to Meher Baba's Birthday Song live from the Samadhi 5:00 am February 25th 2003

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Beloved Bhauji Goes To Baba!

Meher Baba Film Archive International

Date: Wednesday, 23rd October 2013 Subject: Bhau Joins His Beloved

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

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Avatar Meher Baba's dearest Bhau, Baba's intimate Mandali member and the Chairman of His Trust, passed into Beloved Baba's embrace on Wednesday, 23rd October 2013, at 11:17 p.m., faithful in love and service to his Master till the end.

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Bhau went to Baba in the Jehangir Hospital ICU in Pune, attended by his wife Rama, children Sheela and Mehernath, and very close family. He was 87 years old, and passed away due to a long illness complicated by recurrent infections.

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Bhauji’s family, and all at Meherazad, Meherabad and Meher Nazar, join Baba lovers around the world in a united tribute to dearest Bhauji’s unforgettable life. He was the last remaining member of Baba's Meherazad resident Mandali, the Chairman of the Avatar Meher Baba Trust, and the author of numerous literary works about Meher Baba, including the twenty-volume biography LORD MEHER, written at Baba's order.

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Named Vir Singh Kalchuri and nicknamed "Bhau" ("Brother" in Hindi) by Baba, Bhauji joined Baba in 1953 after receiving masters degrees in Law, Chemistry and Agriculture. For many years he served as one of Baba's night watchmen, and it was during the hours of night watch that Baba first expressed His wish that Bhau begin writing poem-songs in Hindi and later books and plays, for Baba's pleasure.

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After Baba dropped His body, Bhauji's unique background in Law and Public Administration proved to be invaluable, from the early days of the Trust's activities when Bhau became a trustee, through the past 17 years when he served as Chairman. Whether working day and night to solve a Trust difficulty, answering a pilgrim's question, resolving a resident's dilemma or touring the Baba world in response to invitations from Baba centres in India and abroad, Bhauji gave extraordinary service to Baba through many different aspects. Even during his last illnesses, despite great discomfort, Bhauji made efforts to give visitors his personal attention, loving wisdom and lively sessions of witty humour and song, as well as continuing his Sunday online Chat, which was looked forward to, and enjoyed, by Baba-lovers around the world.

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Bhauji’s achievements for Baba's Cause were legion. But like the men Mandali who went before him, Bhauji will be remembered and honoured by posterity above all because of his loving, wholehearted, life-long surrender at the Feet of the Avatar of the Age, Beloved Meher Baba.


The Trustees of the Avatar Meher Baba PPC Trust 23rd October 2013

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Ps. Bhau will be buried on Friday, but the exact time of his internment has not yet been set.

Vignettes of Katie's Life with Baba

Katie's Life With Baba Video Gallery

Katie's Life With Baba Video Gallery

Katie's Life With Baba Video Gallery is now online in English and viewing options of Farsi or Hindi subtitles.

To read more about Sweet Katie and to view her videos click here

Meher Baba Trust

The Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust Web Site

To visit Avatar Meher Baba's main trust site

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Featured Highlights

Meher Baba Lovers Home Pages 

Meher Baba Lovers Home Pages

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We are asked daily to add Baba related sites to the database of worldwide Baba Sites. Seeing how the numbers of Meher Baba and Baba related sites on the internet are growing daily, we have found it best to add the ability for anyone to add thier Meher Baba Group or favorite baba site to the database on thier own. Due to the growing security threats that bombard web sites these days, we ask that you register with as a precaution to prevent this from happening. Registration is very easy and only takes a minute to complete.

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Do you have a Meher Baba Group web site? Are you a Meher Baba Lover with your own web site? Know of a cool Meher Baba web site? Then click here to add your Baba Group or Personal Baba site now!


The Music of Bob and Jane Brown

From the Best of Bob and Jane Brown

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A compilation of the best songs recorded by Bob and Jane Brown from the years 1973-1991. And a never-released song as well! Their voices blend like honey and butter. They are accompanied by Raphael Rudd on harp, Jeff Seitz on drums (Jeff was the stand in for Stuart Copland of The Police). Julie Kohl-Skiff on violin (former violinist in the National Symphony) and many, many other great musicians and singers


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O'Parvardigar © by Pete Townshend

A special gift for you...

O' Parvardigar by Pete Townshend

Happy 117th Birthday Avatar Meher Baba!

Thanks Pete...d&D


Meher Baba Film Archive International


Whether you are a fan of The Who or Pete Townshend or rock music... or new to Meher Baba... or a seasoned Baba follower... there will be something here for you! is the website of Meher Baba Film Archive International (MBF) the principal charitable organization in the world for the conservation of Avatar Meher Baba movies. We celebrate 250,000 site visitors by rolling out our Phase IV site design during 2010. You can view many Meher Baba videos free of charge and learn all about the first Avatar in creation to appear on film video and DVD!

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Time at Meher Baba's Samhadi
Present Time At
Avatar Meher Baba's Samadhi

Sunday Bhau Chat

Time at Meher Baba's Samhadi

History of Baba's Flag

Remembering Adrian Rawlins

Adrian Rawlins Remembers the Beloved, February 24th, 2000, Old Lower Meherabad Pilgrim Center Read more about Adrian, his life with Baba and his poetry click here

Featured Poet

Bob Jaeger

Featured Poet Bob Jaeger

Bob Jaeger lives in Englewood, Colorado with his wife, Gerri, and their Australian cattle dog, Red. He spends his days reading, writing, walking, gardening and visiting old friends. His poetry and prose has been published in Love Street Lamp Post, Pilgrimage, Central Avenue, and the Lake Chapala Review as well as an early collection in 1988 by Bread and Butter Press, Denver, Colorado.

Click Here to read Bob's Poetry

My Jai Baba Cards

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Nectar for the Children

Nectar for the Children
Stories dictated by Meher Baba to Bhau Kalchuri

In 1968 Baba told Bhau to write a children's book including stories He had given him. And then he forgot. In 2002, Bhau was reminded of Baba's wish and has therefore written Nectar for the Children, including stories such as The Mischievous Chicken, The Two Kings, The Seven Fishes and more, totaling 18 stories in all. Nad Wolinska has enlived each story with beautifully painted color illustrations. Following each story is an explanation of it's moral and spiritual meaning.
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You and I are now we, but one!
Jelauddin Balkhi (Rumi)

Jelauddin Balkhi (Rumi), God realized 13th century poet. Described by Meher Baba as one of the greatest minds to ever be born upon the earth.
Come, come whomever you are, wanderer, worshipper, lover of leaving. Ours is not a caravan of despair but ours is a caravan of hope. Come, come even if you've broken your vows a thousand times. Come yet again, come...

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