Awakenings Part 2

My Sahavas Cannot Be Closed

To: All Dear Ones
By email:
Date: November 10, 2001
Subject: Bhau’s “Awakening” of 30th June -- My Sahavas Cannot Be Closed


Yesterday I received a phone call from dear Mehera Makeig that the Young Adult Sahavas would close on the 2nd of July, and that I would give the closing talk for the Young Adult Sahavas. In fact, I wanted to do exactly that. So I was extremely happy to hear this message from dear Mehera Makeig. She asked me to reach Meherabad by 9:30 a.m. and scheduled my talk so that it would not take much time. I was still happy. This morning, at about 6:00 a.m., when I was exercising according to medical advice, my mind suddenly became blank. I heard the Voice, as if it were coming from the Beloved. Baba was not talking to me, but I was feeling ideas as if Beloved Baba were expressing them to me. The Voice communicated to me as follows: “So you are going to close the Young Adult Sahavas on the 2nd of July? “Know well that My Sahavas cannot be closed. The programs organized for the young adults might be ended on the 2nd of July, but My Sahavas will continue. This message I am giving for all. Remember this. This is a very important message. “I am in everyone and everything, or rather, I AM everyone and everything. I am the very life of everyone. I am the breath of everyone, and because of Me you breathe. I am the breath of everyone, so what is My Sahavas? My Sahavas is to make people aware that I am in them. They know not this fact because their false self remains with them, and they follow the false self. “Sahavas means to make people aware of My existence in them and to free them from the false existence in which they believe. It is My responsibility. It is My duty. And because humanity forgets me, age after age, I come down on earth in human form. I make people aware that I am always amidst their company. I don’t leave them even for a moment. That is My Sahavas to them. “So what do I do for them, and what should they do for Me?

“I’ll give you one example.

“I take my Lovers to the Ocean, and because they are blindfolded, they don’t see the Ocean. “I tell them, ‘You are sitting on the shore of the Ocean. Dip your legs in the Ocean, and you will know that there is water.’ “But they feel scared and don’t want to dip their legs. I have to wipe out their fear and make them bold. It is not easy. Though it is very difficult, I have to do it. It is My duty to make my Lovers free from the false existence created by their false self. So I take a lot of trouble to take away their fear and encourage them to dip their legs in the Ocean. “Then they feel very happy. They enjoy the experience, and they receive courage. “Then I tell them, ‘I will teach you how to swim in the Ocean. If you swim, you will have more enjoyment.’ “At first they feel scared, and so again, I wipe out their fear. I make them bold and encourage them to swim. Because I am in them, they start swimming. They enjoy it. They swim and swim, and they enjoy swimming. They forget earthly enjoyment and sorrow completely and want only to swim and swim. They are full of energy; they like swimming. “But then I ask My lovers, ‘Now you will start diving.’

“They don’t know how to dive. But because I am in them, I internally teach them how to dive. From the beginning, I always work for them internally. That is My Sahavas to them. “Now, because of My encouragement and help, they start diving. They enjoy the experience so much that they continue diving and diving. They plunge deeply and receive so much longing, that they don’t take any rest. They continue diving and diving into the depths of the Ocean. “But then they reach the point where they see Me in the form of Infinite Effulgence. “My lovers become so restless, as restless as fish out of water. Their longing to unite with Me becomes infinite. “Then I shower My Grace on the one who has infinite longing for Union. He unites with Me. He reaches the bottom of the Ocean and finds the Pearl of My Divinity. There the Sahavas ends, because false existence is wiped out completely. “Therefore, know well, once you become aware of My Sahavas, it will end only when you become Me. My Sahavas continues until that time. So though the programs organized for the Sahavas will end, My Sahavas will not end until you unite with Me. “This is My duty, and I have explained it to you. What is your duty towards Me? Your duty is to remember Me and to remain honest toward Me and toward all your dealings with the world. Remain sincere in your faith towards Me. See that your faith goes on becoming stronger and stronger, until it becomes rock-like. Love Me and be loving towards others. Do not deceive anyone and do not backbite. If you do all this, I will be very happy with you. I will give you more and more of My Sahavas, and you will feel My company more and more. “Know well that I am always with you. I cannot live away from you. Even if you reject Me and ignore Me, I am your Eternal Beloved. How fortunate you are that I have kindled in you the awareness of being your Beloved. Now never forget your Beloved. Just remember Him. He is always with you, and you are always with Him. His Sahavas will end only when you become Him and find the Pearl of Divinity at the bottom of His Ocean. “My Love Blessing to all My dear ones.”

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Himself reminded me to go for a walk, so I started my morning walk. It is amazing that I was not aware of walking, only of His message. Though I might have been walking, I was listening to the Voice of the Beloved through my feelings. How can I describe it?

I was simply feeling. Because I feel the message I received is very, very important, I am giving it out to all you dear ones. I will convey this on the 2nd of July to the young adults so that they may know that the Sahavas of the Beloved does not end, though the programs will end on the 2nd of July. He is the One who is always with us, and, therefore, His Sahavas will always be there. But we must become aware of this fact. Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai! And loving Jai Meher Baba to you, all His dear ones.

In His Love & Service,
Trust Office Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India
Saturday, 30th June, 2001

P.S. Coming soon, Bhau’s “Awakening” of 1st July -- A Tight Slap, and a brief account of Bhau’s recent triumphant Andhra tour.

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