Awakenings Part 2

A House of Sanskaras Without Ventilators, Windows or Doors

To: All DearOnes
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Date: New Year’s Day, 2002
Subject: Bhau’s First “Awakening” of 5th July -- A House of Sanskaras Without Ventilators, Windows or Doors


From Bhau:

Today, the 5th of July at 2:00 a.m., I woke up, and I felt something through the Voice. I opened my eyes, and I saw the form of Beloved Baba. He looked at me, and I looked at Him. He was in His full effulgence, very bright and shiny.

And then He disappeared.

He continued talking in silence, and I became aware of what He was telling me through my feelings.

He said, “Listen carefully. What I am telling you today is very, very important. I have given you the medium to reach my dear ones through Shiva, and he is doing very good work. Honestly and sincerely. I am pleased with what he is doing. He has put his heart in the work realizing that what I tell you is very, very important and useful for My dear ones, and therefore he is circulating these messages.

“Now listen carefully, ” Baba repeated. “Whatever you do, good or bad, you are bound by that action. If you do good, you collect good sanskaras, and you are bound by those sanskaras. If you do bad, again you are bound by bad sanskaras. Good sanskaras are gold chains, and bad sanskaras are iron chains. But after all, both are chains. And therefore, you will remain bound. So what is the way to become free from these sanskaras?

“I have been telling you and telling you that whatever you do, you do for Me according to My Wish. It means if you eat, eat for Me. If you sleep, sleep for Me. If you do any work, you do it for Me. If you perform any of these actions for Me, you will not be bound. But remember this, follow My Wish in doing whatever you want. If it is done according to My Wish, you will be free, and I will be responsible for you. But if you do anything according to the temptation of your false self, you will remain bound, and you will not be free.

“Suppose you are assisting a sick person who is helpless. It is good work you are doing. Yet though the work is good, you are still bound. But if you have the full conviction that it is your duty to serve Me by helping Me in that sick person, and you serve that person with all your love and with all your heart, you are not bound. So remember this: I am everyone and everything. If you help anyone who needs your help, never think that you are helping him or that you are obliging him. If you think this, what will happen? You will accumulate the good sanskaras of that sick person, and you will give your bad sanskaras to him. Now tell Me, who is helping whom? Whether that sick person is helping you, or you are helping him by your help?

“The play of sanskaras cannot be understood. How this exchange takes place, nobody knows.

“If you harm anyone, you don’t know how many bad sanskaras you collect from them. Outwardly, you feel very happy because you harmed someone out of jealousy, selfishness, greed, or low desires.

“This is the reason I always say, ‘Remember Me. Do anything and everything according to My Wish.’

“Then not only will you not be bound by anything, but your sanskaras will also be wiped out.

“If you engage in backbiting, you have no idea how you are helping the victim against whom you backbite. The situation operates like this: You spend money for soap and wash your victim’s dirty laundry. You feel happy, because you don’t know what you are collecting for yourself.

You also should not indulge in hypocrisy, which is the worst thing you can do. What is hypocrisy? When you pose before others, and pretend to them that you are something which you are not. God cannot forgive hypocrisy. Remember this.

“There are many hypocritical saints, masters, even Avatars, who deceive others and pose before others as something they are not. But actually they are themselves deceived, and they do not realize this. They will suffer and suffer for their pretenses in their future life. The worst types of sins are committed because of hypocrisy. Some perform miracles, not knowing the repercussion of their performance. They do it for the sake of name and fame. Innocent people feel tempted to follow them. These deceivers then collect the impressions of all who follow them. Those who follow them also go on collecting bad impressions because of their temptations. These deceived ones can never have an inclination towards finding Truth, because they think that those whom they are following are very powerful. These unfortunate followers find their temptation goes on increasing and increasing. How can they find the Truth when they become the slave of their temptations?

“So all these people go on increasing My burden. Hypocritical saints, masters and avatars create a situation that puts an infinite burden on Me. I suffer and suffer for them, because I am them. I remain suffocating all the time in them, and they take pleasure in My suffocation. They don’t know anything. They don’t know this secret: that they are suffocating Me, and how I suffer for them.

“Therefore the easiest way for all to avoid this entanglement is to remember Me and follow My Wish.

“If you are busy with worldly duties, I should say, remember Me before starting any work in the morning. Say to Me, ‘O Baba. I am starting my day. Please guide me so that I may not do anything against Your Wish. Be with me, and give me the strength to follow Your wish in whatever I do and whatever I think.’ And then, just before going to bed, say, ‘O Baba. Whatever I thought, whatever I spoke and whatever I did during the day, I offer at Your feet. Please accept this, and forgive me if I have unknowingly done anything against Your wish.’

“People have no idea what responsibility I shoulder for them. Those who recognize Me and still do not follow My Wish are My enemies. I suffer for them more and more and infinitely more. Those who do not recognize Me, I suffer for them, too, because though they don’t know Me, I know them. But because I am responsible for all, it is My duty to help everyone and make them aware so that they may follow Me to take the Path of Truth.”

“There are others who follow rituals and ceremonies (though they don’t follow God) and think that they are better than others. Such people are hard nuts to crack. But I have to help them because they are ignorant. Though they oppose Me and criticize Me, causing Me to suffer and suffer, still My Compassion makes Me so powerless that I have to help them.

“I am the Divine Sun. Therefore everyone, whether he is a saint or he is a sinner, gets My light because I shine for everyone and everything. It never happens that I shine more for the saints and less for the sinners. I shine equally for everyone. But people involved in rituals, ceremonies, traditions or orthodoxy remain closed in a house of sanskaras which has no ventilator, no windows, no doors.

“This house is completely dark.

“How can they see the Sun shine? They remain in the dark house. Everything remains closed, with thick sanskaras creating darkness. They cannot get the light from the Divine Sun. They get the light from the illusory sun. They imagine it to be light, but actually it is darkness. They always want to protect their house, and if I try to touch that house they cannot bear it.

“How difficult My work is! No one has any idea. But I have to demolish that house of sanskaras, gradually, gradually, bit by bit. I am the Savior, and I am responsible for the whole Creation. So suffering is destined for Me. I suffer without any grudge because I know why these persons behave the way the do. They reject Me, and they accept Illusion (Maya). Yet, this is also My Divine Game.

“Therefore I never blame anyone, and I put up with everyone.

“When I was Jesus I was crucified, but I prayed for those who crucified Me, ‘Oh Father. Forgive them for they know not what they are doing.’

“This is My Compassion.

“When My Universal Manifestation will take place, then the world will recognize Me. They will repent and repent for neglecting Me and ignoring Me. But this repentance will bring Me closer to them. How blessed are you all, who have recognized Me and who follow Me now.”

The Voice stopped and I felt the love of the Beloved. I was overcome with joy, and I closed my eyes.

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