Awakenings Part 2

“I torture My Friends and Make My Enemies Flourish”

To: All Dear Ones
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Date: 14th February, 2002
Subject: Bhau’s Second Awakening of Thursday, the 5th of July, 2001 --
“I torture My Friends and Make My Enemies Flourish”

After receiving the first Awakening the night of 5th July [A House of Sanskaras Without Ventilators, Windows or Doors] ...

Bhau wrote:

... The Voice stopped, and I felt the love of the Beloved. I was overcome with joy. I closed my eyes. But after a short time, again I heard the Voice, as if Beloved Baba were talking to me through my feelings.

He said, “Do you know how much I love My mandali?

“I feel proud of My mandali. They serve as the medium of My Universal Work. Because I work in the domain of Illusion, each one represents the opposite of My attributes. I am Infinite Light. Therefore someone in the mandali must represent Infinite Darkness. This person was Gustaji, who was representing Infinite Darkness. God is Infinite Knowledge, so someone in the mandali must represent Infinite Ignorance. This is My work, and I always choose the proper medium for My work.

“When I include anyone in the mandali, I make him or her a complete pauper. I take everything away from them, and do not leave them even a penny. Each gives Me everything without hesitation, because all of them come to Me in order to serve Me and to follow My command. They are the selected ones, who wish to surrender everything to My pleasure, though I make them do it. They are My trusted ones. I know that whatever hardships they pass through, they cannot leave Me.

“Hafiz has said, ‘I torture my friends and make my enemies flourish, and no one has any right to ask me why I do so.’ The false self of everyone is My enemy. As I am the Compassionate Father of everyone, I have to take care of My children. My mandali, however, I torture and torture because of My work.

“So remember this. A Perfect Master works for the universe in a general way, while he works for the selected ones in a chosen way. The Avatar works for the whole universe in a chosen way and for the selected ones in a special way. And what is My special way? It is to torture and harass mandali members to any extent, because they are My trusted ones. They do not leave Me under any circumstance. Sometimes I remain indifferent towards them, as if I don’t care. I don’t look at them for months and months on end. Sometimes, I remain with them as if I don’t want them, and try to drive them out. How difficult it is for them to face this situation! But they don’t leave Me. Their faith can never be shaken.

“Once, you know, I was in Mandali Hall. Aloba was looking at Me, and I said to Him, ‘Why do you stare at Me? I don’t like it when you do so.’

“Aloba looked down. But gradually, gradually he would try to look at Me, until at last I said, ‘Don’t come and sit in Mandali Hall! I don’t want to see your face!’

“But again, one day he looked at Me, and I said to him, ‘You are crucifying Me! Do you know when you stare at Me, I feel that you are crucifying Me!’

“This went on for quite some time, until one day, I told Aloba, ‘Everyday you are crucifying Me! It is better that you don’t come to sit here in Mandali Hall!’

“And so he stopped coming.

“But then, what happened? He would hide himself near the window of Mandali Hall. He wanted to look at me at least once. Though no one could see him, I would. I would say, ‘Again he has come!’ I would tell the mandali, ‘Look at him! He wants to crucify Me!’

“This went on for some days, until I said to him, ‘If you do this again, I will drive you out of Meherazad!’

“Then Aloba would go and hide himself under a tree on the private road, knowing full well that I would go to Mandali Hall every day in the morning from the house where I was living. So when I was heading for Mandali Hall, he was hiding himself, looking at Me from a long distance. Nobody saw him. But nothing is hidden from My eyes. I saw him and called him. I asked him, ‘Do you feel happy crucifying Me everyday? Why were you looking at Me? How many times have I told you? Now you can’t stay here. Leave Meherazad immediately!’

“A bullock cart was called. Aloba’s luggage was placed on it, and he was asked to leave Meherazad. Weeping, Aloba went to the end of the private road, where he sent a note to Me stating that it would be impossible for him to leave. If he were not allowed to live at Meherazad, he would die.

When this note was read out to Me, I called Aloba and a lover of Mine from Ahmednagar, a lawyer.

“I asked the lawyer his opinion, and he responded, ‘This matter should be reported to the police. This man may create trouble, or he may commit suicide. He should be given over to the custody of the police.’

“I said to Aloba, ‘Why do you crucify Me everyday? What are you doing? Whether your actions are good? Now this lawyer has said that you should be handed over to the police. I think it should be done now.’

“Aloba kept weeping, and I said to him, ‘Go to your room and continue crucifying Me.’

“So he went to his room.

“The next day, My brother Jal came. Again, hiding behind the window in Mandali Hall, Aloba was looking at Me. Again, I caught him and called him into Mandali Hall.

“Jal asked, ‘What’s the matter?’

“Eruch explained that for the last six months this had been going on. ‘The morning sessions are spent on Aloba, and our work remains pending.’

“When Jal heard this, he said to Me, ‘If you permit me, I can suggest a solution.’

“And I said, ‘Yes, you may suggest.’

“‘If dark glasses are given to Aloba,’ Jal said, ‘and he puts them on, You will not see him looking at You, even if he stares.’

“‘It is a very good solution.’ I said. I called Goher and asked her to give Aloba dark glasses.

“The following day it was very, very cloudy. Mandali Hall was dark, and Aloba was sitting in the hall with dark glasses. That day, the District Judge of Ahmednagar and his wife came to see Me at Meherazad. I embraced them. The District Judge was looking at the mandali, and he asked, ‘It is dark in here, and this man has put on dark glasses. Does he have eye trouble?’

“Aloba felt so bad, that from the very next day, he stopped coming to Mandali Hall. He would not even hide anywhere to look at Me. But I would feel restless without him. So after two or three days, I called him, asked him to come every day and sit in Mandali Hall and instructed him not to put on the dark glasses.

“Why do I do this? You will not be able to understand. I have already explained to you that I torture My friends and make My enemies flourish.

“I did this for My work. Not just to harass Aloba. How will you know what work I did for him, and how much? I suffered when I would say that he was crucifying Me? Actually, I was crucified every day because of the work that I was doing through him. Apparently, it seemed that I was torturing him, but in fact I was only doing this externally. I was suffering tremendously, and he, too, was suffering. But his suffering was quite insignificant in comparison to My suffering for My work.”

The Voice stopped. I did not think that I would hear it again. But within five minutes, I heard the Voice ...

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