Awakenings Part 2

A Prayer for Christmas from Bhau and his Christmas 2002 Awakening:

 "If I Reveal that Secret to You, You Will Become the Secret Yourself"


Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

From Bhau:

Trust Office Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India Friday, 20th December, 2002

I am happy to offer the following prayer for you for Christmas:

"May Beloved Avatar Meher Baba bless you with His love so that you may long and long to see the Real Light of Christmas one day and become Light itself."

The Universal Queen (Sue Biddu) read the Awakening of 9th November on Light, and she said that this message would be very appropriate as a Christmas Awakening. It appears as if this may be the last Awakening. I don't know. Beloved Baba may give in a different form, without appearing in His physical form. [Note from Shiva (Lynwood): There remain, however, many, many Awakenings dictated but yet to be sent out].

On 1st November, at night at about 10:30 p.m., I was lying down on the bed and I was thinking about Beloved Baba, that He has left us and we have no right even to ask Him for death. He told me that that is also expectation so there is nothing for me to ask anything from Him. What a plight I am put in and at the same time I must remain happy!

And on Saturday night, 9th November, Beloved Baba appeared, and he said, "What did I say on 30th January, 1969? Did I not tell you that day that I am not this body? Not even once, but I told you three times. And I emphatically said to you, remember this, remember this, remember this. Did you remember this? Had you remembered this you would not have thought that I had left you. How can I leave anyone? And because you are attached to My body you think that I have left you. What a fool you are! I do not leave anyone. I am always present.

"Now I tell you, I am not this body. Remember this. So what am I? I want you to remember this, that I am Light. And how can you see that Light? You must have longing to see Me as Light. And I assure you one day you will see. Just wait and wait. Have patience and you will know. One day you will see but if you remain attached with My body it will be difficult for Me to appear before you as Light.

"Why do I take this physical form? Because unless I take this physical form people will not be able to see Me as Light. They have gross consciousness. They are attached with forms, time and space. If I don't appear in form they will not be able to imagine Me. And therefore, I appear in form for them in order to give them understanding that I am not this form. Therefore, when I appear in form for a few, they see Me, but the rest of the people, they don't see Me in form. And still, when they come to know Me they remain attached with that form. They want to know how did I look, how I would walk, how I would bow, how I would eat, how I would meet people, where did I go, where I would live, what I would do during the day, how did I sleep, whether I would meditate, who were the persons who lived with Me for all time, whether I would be able to meet everyone every day, how I would spend My days, whether I would be in one place or I would move about, which are the places whe! re I stayed even for some time, and so many questions about collecting the information. And this would become their meditation. They would remain attached with My form and they would long to see Me in form.

"Just see. You were with Me all the time and I had told you emphatically just the day before I discarded this body, ‘Remember this, I am not this body.’ And still you remain attached with My body.

"I take this body in order to make people understand I am not this body. And this is necessary. Unless they see the body how can they even imagine about Me who is Infinite. They have gross consciousness. And therefore, My body is necessary. And this body is also very, very useful for them, because when they see this body, they see Me as body according to their gross consciousness. But this becomes the medium for them to realize one day that I am not this body. I am the Infinite One and in order to give them proper understanding, I appear before them in this body so that it may go easy for them to recognize Me because even if I appear before them in body I always remain as Infinite Consciousness.

"When you are in subtle world with subtle consciousness you see Me in subtle body, but still you don't see Me as the Infinite One. When you see Me when you have mental consciousness you see Me in mental body. Still you don't see Me as Infinite Consciousness but you are very close to My Infinite Consciousness because you are at that time in mental consciousness. And in this consciousness you get longing, infinite longing, to become one with My Infinite Consciousness. When you are mentally conscious and you are on the sixth plane, then you see My Light. Not with these eyes but you get the Divine Sight, the third eye, and you see Me as Light. And here is the longing to become one with Me. This longing is as if the fish is thrown out of the Ocean and it becomes restless for the water. So restless that it dies. It cannot live without water. So also when you see the Light you get this restlessness. Just see, first I told you about the Light the other day, and today, 9th! November, I am telling you about this Light which you see on sixth plane.

"Now again I remind you that I am not that body which you had seen and which you had served for many years. I am this Light. But that form is also necessary for the people because it becomes the medium for them to remember to put their heart to remember Me. That is necessary. But at that time, the day before I dropped My body, I told you, I am not his body. And still, you forgot that I am not this body, and you were thinking that I do not take care of you, that I don't hear you and that is why I call you a fool.

"I hear everything. I even hear the breathing sound of the stone. You will think, how can the stone breathe? How can I hear the sound of breathing? You have no idea. When I am in everything and everywhere I must breathe. I don’t breathe as Infinite Consciousness but when I am active Infinite Consciousness how can I remain active without breathing? And therefore, I breathe. No one knows how I can breathe in stone form in which form the body, energy and mind are not developed? Without mind-energy one cannot breathe. But breathing capacity remains there and when that capacity is developed what do you find? In vegetable, energy is developed and breathing capacity is also little developed. That is why vegetable breathes out oxygen during the day and breathes in carbon dioxide during the night. In the state of worms, breathing really starts. That is its capacity, breathing is developed. If you cut a branch of vegetable it does not do anything but if you cut any part! of the insect how restless it feels. And therefore, you have no idea that I can hear the breathing sound of the stone.

"And how can I know when people pray to Me? I know everything and I know what response I should give. My response is always useful to everyone. Therefore, if you pray to Me to achieve a certain thing and if it is not useful to you, if it is harmful to you, how can I give that to you? Therefore, I always say that I put a deaf ear for that prayer which needs no response from Me and the prayer which is useful for you, I give response.

"In recent years, I appeared in form before you many a time and you felt very happy and that is why I reminded you that day that I am not this body. Now, you long to see my Light and still you were longing to see My form. I should appear in form before you in order to please you, but now, remember this, I will not appear. So many times I would appear in form before you for a little time and you would remain so absorbed that you would forget the form and still you would hear My voice. At that time I was showing you that you can hear My voice without seeing My form. I had to appear again after reminding you to long for My Light because I am not this form. And today, after nine days, I again remind you, do not think that I am this form. Those who did not see my physical form, it is good for them to have longing to see My form. But particularly those who were with Me, they should not think that I should appear before them in form. I am the Infinite One and they should l! ong for seeing My Infinity. And that is why I said to you, long to see My Light. When you see My Light you will be like a fish out of water.

"But there is some secret behind it. You will never know because secret is secret and if I reveal that secret to you, you will become secret yourself. But in a nutshell, I tell you that the mandali members have not to become fish out of water. And that is why I say it is a secret. I just lift the veil. And then you will know what you are. It may be lifted in one birth, second birth or third birth, within the period of 100 years since I dropped my physical body."

With all love and Jai Baba to you,

In His love and service,


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