Awakenings Part 1

When that Time Comes, Nobody Will Know What to Do and What Not to Do


To: Bhau’s Dear Ones
By email:
Date: May 15, 2001
Subject: Bhau’s "Awakening" of May 15th - When that Time Comes, Nobody Will Know What to Do and What Not to Do

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

From Bhau:

This morning [Tuesday, 15th May 2001], I was going for walk. Generally, I keep quiet during my walk, and I don’t talk. When I keep quiet, the Beloved talks to me silently. This happened during my walk today.

After my walk, I sit on the porch. Today, however, I sat there for a very short time and came back to my room to dictate the message I received from Baba. The phone rang, and I went to attend the phone. Then a visitor came for some urgent thing, and I was talking to her. Then another visitor came. Again, I had to talk. It is now 1:00 p.m., and I have started the dictation. But after a short time Sheela will come and will urge me, "Take lunch and then rest."

I don’t know whether I will be able to remember all that which Beloved Baba has pointed out. But I will try to remember as much as possible. It is as follows:

When I started walking in the morning, Max was with me. The thought came into my mind that, "What chaos there is in the world. Everywhere restlessness is there, and I don’t know when peace will prevail."

A voice came from my heart. My mind stopped.

"Peace? You are thinking of peace? How can peace prevail? See the world -- everywhere talk about peace goes on. Big conferences are held to talk about peace, and why has this talk started? Because of fear. Atom bombs, hydrogen bombs, missiles and poisonous war materiel have been made in such quantity that the whole world can be destroyed. Now fear is there. So talk about peace continues, yet still the preparation of war materiel is going on and on. No country has any confidence in any other country. They talk in a friendly way. But this is all an outward thing. Because evil forces are working everywhere with greater and greater power, destruction cannot be avoided. There is no honesty. There is no love. There is no confidence in anyone. Everyone and every country is engulfed by evil forces. Until these evil forces are destroyed, there can be no peace. But where are these evil forces? Evil forces are in everyone. No one is free from these evil forces.

"But spirituality is also there, and I am the highest authority of spirituality. I am the Ancient One. Therefore, I am working and working infinitely to make humanity free from evil forces.

"There are two types of impressions or sanskaras. One is natural, another is unnatural. Natural impressions take one towards progress of consciousness, that is, towards the Reality, God. Unnatural impressions create evil forces, and take everyone away from Reality. Because of these unnatural impressions, humanity is under the grip of evil forces. Selfishness, greed, corruption, exploitation, lust, anger, wants, jealousy, hypocrisy, slander, backbiting and all low desires are increasing to any extent. Instead of love, hatred is taking place. Human beings are worse than violent animals. In this situation, no one has any idea what will happen.

"If war takes place, and humanity is destroyed, whether that can solve the problem? The problem cannot be solved. You just find more and more population. There is a shortage of food, shortage of water, changes in climatic conditions, different diseases and different calamities. Population is increasing like anything because people from different planets are taking birth on this Earth.

"So if war takes place, can there be any peace?


"Not at all. Peace will come when people are free from unnatural impressions. Their consciousness will then proceed towards God. All low desires will be wiped out. Then only can peace reign. So war is not the solution for bringing this change so that peace may reign.

"I had told you about the Universal Arrow I released at the time of dropping My body. Because it is touching heart after heart in the universe, all engrained, low desires are coming out. That is why there is chaos and confusion in the world. These low desires, which are the evil forces, are to be wiped out. If war takes place, and people die, still those who die will come back with those low desires. Again, there will be same thing which we find now.

"It is certain that three-quarters of the world will be destroyed. It is going to happen. It is a definite thing. But what about those low desires? If they are not wiped out, people will take birth with all low desires.

"Now, try to understand properly. These low desires create noise. They are unnatural. They are created by unnatural impressions. Natural impressions create sound, which sound takes one towards the progress of consciousness towards God. This sound emanates from the Whim. When there is no impression, there remains the infinite Voice of God.

"Why did I observe silence? Do you know? At the time of destruction of the world, My Silence will be broken. The noise of the world will be absorbed in the Ocean of My Silence, that is, My Infinite Voice. Because I will release the Spiritual Bomb, the Spiritual Bomb will be released from My Silence. That Bomb will make all noise absorbed in My Ocean of Silence. It will be done in silence, and therefore it will be sudden. When those who die come back, they will have natural impressions with progressive consciousness.

"If anyone dies, he is not free from unnatural impressions. But My Silence will make it possible, that it will absorb the noise in My Infinite Voice of the Silence. The world will see this fact. Then peace will reign. Until that time, there will be chaos, confusion, restlessness. All sorts of difficulties. The world will go on becoming more and more complicated. When that time comes, nobody will know what to do and what not to do. People will starve. People will not have water to drink, and they will not have pure air to breathe. Pollution will spread everywhere. People will feel suffocated, suffering from different diseases. That will be the time when My Silence will be broken. People will realize that only God exists. Besides God, everything which appears as existing is nothing but Illusion, Maya. The Spiritual Bomb which I will release will absorb the noise in the Ocean of My Silence. Then there will be no talk about peace, but the world will experience peace. Peace will come into action. Not remain in words. That will be My Universal Manifestation.

This message I got from the Beloved this morning, and I am dictating it now. I started at 1:00p.m., and I completed it at 2:00p.m., though there was the interruption due to the phone call. Anyway, whatever I could remember, I have given out. I cannot say that I remember the whole thing, but the impact of this message I feel within me.

With all love and Jai Baba to you,

In His Love and Service,

May 15, 2001

Ps. This is an addition to the message above:

"This is the reason why I have been repeating and repeating to My lovers to hold on fast to My Daaman. I repeat again, hold fast to My Daaman, My dear ones, and know well, nothing happens in Reality. Everything happens in Illusion. Therefore, have firm faith in Me and love Me more and more. I am with you. I will never leave you. I will never leave anyone in the world, whether he is a saint, or he is a sinner. I am everyone, and I am everything. So I cannot leave anyone, because all are My children. Though there are a few innocent children, most of them are mischievous ones. But after all, they are My children. I am their real Father. I will not ignore anyone at any cost."

Pps. Coming soon Tears from the Bondage of Love / A Chain of Dreams with Innumerable Links and later, How Can A Shadow Be Killed?