Awakenings Part 1

Will and Wish / Not One, but Twelve, Judases


To: All Dear Ones
By email:
Date: 27th May, 2001
Subject:Will and Wish / Not One, but Twelve, Judases
Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!
From Bhau:

At midnight last night [Saturday, 26th May], I was in Inlaks Hospital in Poona, in room F6. As the blockage in my intestines had not yet cleared, I felt restless. I was turning from this side to that side. Dr. Anne asked, “What’s wrong? Are you feeling discomfort?”

“No,” I replied. “Whether I got sleeping injection?”

“Yes. You got it.”

All of a sudden, I felt peace. I felt Baba’s presence, and His silent voice asked me, “Do you know the difference between Will and Wish?”

And I said no.

The voice continued, “Everything happens according to Divine Will?. Nothing happens in the domain of Reality. Everything happens in the domain of illusion. In illusion, there is good and bad. In Reality, there is no good and no bad. How to understand the Divine Will?

“Once a person came to Me. He said, ‘One of our friends has got the crop of another. He stole the crop. When I came to know that he had done so, I went to him and said, ‘Why did you commit this theft? This is nothing but stealing you have done.’’

“That person went on, ‘My friend said to me, ‘Everything happens according to Divine Will, so I did not do anything wrong. It is Divine Will that I committed this theft.’’

“‘Yes, I told my friend,’ the man said to Me. ‘This is Divine Will that you committed this theft. This is also Divine Will. That I should report you the police and get you arrested.’”

Baba’s voice said, “I laughed to hear this. I said to that person, ‘Of course, you are right that you told him that if you have him arrested by the police, it is under Divine Will.’

“I explained to the person that this is true, everything does happen according to Divine Will. But if you believe in Divine Will, you will not do anything which God does not like. God does not want to you harm anyone. God also takes the responsibility of taking everyone towards Divinity. Because of this muddle of illusion, people forget the path of Truth. That’s why I have to come in human form, age after age. When I come, I express My Wish, what they should do, and what they should not do. When you follow My Wish, you take the Path of Truth. So the difference between Will and Wish is that everything happens according to Divine Will, good, bad, everything.

“But according to my Wish, you go beyond good and bad. Wish pushes My Will into action towards Reality.

“According to Divine Will, Creation is created. Illusion has charge of controlling the domain of Creation. But then Reality has to play its part. So the Path of Truth is for human beings.

“So now, do you understand the difference between Divine Will and My Wish?” Baba’s silent voice asked me. “Under Divine Will, everything happens. Under My Wish, one treads the true path of Divinity.”

“When I was Jesus, Judas betrayed Me. I was crucified. People think that Judas did something very, very wrong. He should not be forgiven. But it was only Judas who could play the role which he played. It was according to My Wish that he played it. It was a very difficult role, but he played it, not knowing what he was doing. In fact, I played that role through him. Though Judas played that role, he could not bear it. He hanged himself. That was according to My Wish; he had to play it.

“How one can understand this secret? When I was Jesus, I dumped My Wish on Judas. This time, I declared that I had twelve Judases, not one. These Judases played their roles during My physical lifetime. After that, it takes one hundred years for My Universal Manifestation. So Judases are still there to play their role. Rather, I play that role through them. It is My Wish. I am playing that role, and My Mandali members are affected by this. This is all secret, and none can follow this secret until one experiences that secret themselves.

“I am telling you this. Therefore, you should know that what you are crossing through is according to My Wish. You will know the secret one day definitely. Know well, this is not suffering, but this is My blessing. So remain happy and cheerful, and do not become restless. I am with you.”

Inlaks Hospital, Poona
Room F6
Sunday, 27th May, 2001

The difference between Will and Wish was still not clear to me, so Bhau discussed the differences between the two. Over the course of that afternoon, Bhau expanded on the theme of the above Awakening, the notes of which follow.

The Divine Will always operates in Creation, but the Wish comes only from the Avatar. The perfect masters simply follow the Divine Plan He has created.

Though Will and Wish they are similar, they operate in two distinct manners. In Creation, everything happens according to Divine Will. Will operates only in the domain of illusion, but the Divine Wish turns the Divine Will into action. To tread the Path of Truth and go beyond happiness and suffering, the Divine Wish is required.

The Wish comes because you are in contact with an enlightened one. You don’t think about good and bad. You go beyond good and bad. Whatever you say, you follow without thinking. You have no question of thinking. Divine Wish makes it very clear what you should do. The Divine Will is very difficult to put into action, but Divine Wish, is very easy to put into action. It is a direct thing, which makes it easy for you to put things into action in order to please the Beloved. If the Wish is there fully, you automatically obey God’s Will.

The Divine Will is always there, the Wish changes from time to time according to circumstances. The Wish makes you want to pursue the Divine. When people follow different religions, even though they are under Divine Will, they cannot put the Divine Will into action. In order to tread the Path of Truth, one has to follow His Wish, and Divine Will is automatically put into action. Colonel Irani was following His Wish in negative form. He was remembering Baba continually, which he could not have done, unless Baba had bestowed this upon Him. Colonel Irani’s work was Baba’s Wish. It is spossible to receive and execute the Divine Wish, and not even know it.

All things animate and inanimate obey Divine Will, but only human beings can be under His Wish. It makes you follow his Will rightly. If you follow His Wish, you automatically look after his pleasure.

Divine Will is a River going inexorably towards the Ocean, taking everything heedlessly in its course, animate and inaminate. The flow of the river is continuous, but there are certain obstructions, eddies or pools, where souls can become trapped. The Divine Wish is like a strong hand pushing the soul into the fastest current in the river towards the Ocean, even though the river is always in the ocean. What a paradox!

When you follow the Divine Wish, your journey to the ocean is very short, though sometimes the quickest channel is over a waterfall, bumping against every rock, or in a tidal current that is racing towards the Ocean at breakneck speed. Though most people must undergo 84 lakhs [hundreds of thousands] of births before they reunite with God, if you come under Divine Wish, the number of births required is reduced.

Souls can resist the Divine Wish, but they cannot resist the Divine Will. There are also degrees of following His Wish. Someone who follows His Wish 100% will seek His pleasure 100% as well as obeying the Divine Will 100%. For instance, by living at Manzil-e-Meem, Dr. Ghani was following Baba’s Wish. But when he wanted to sleep, and Baba wanted him to play cricket, Ghani was following his own wish, not Baba’s.

When people are suffering, the Wish makes it possible to put the Will into action towards the Divinity, to tread the Path of Truth. Wish is that which takes the Will and gives it force to proceed in the right direction, above good and bad, towards Divinity.

Ps. Coming soon, two new “Awakenings” by Bhau, “If the Himalayas Fall Down Upon Me, I Will Have No Complaint,” followed by: Noisy Thinking.

From Shiva: