Awakenings Part 1

“If the Himalayas Fall Down Upon Me, I Will Have No Complaint”


To: Bhau’s Dear Ones
By email:
Date: 29th May, 2001
Subject: “If the Himalayas Fall Down Upon Me, I Will Have No Complaint”

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

From Bhau:

Today is Tuesday, the 29th of May. In the afternoon, I was intending to rest, but the nurses would come, and they would make noise. When they left, again I tried to nap, but I could not. I was quite awake. All of a sudden, something very enlightening happened to me.

Beloved Baba reminded me about one incident which had taken place in my life when I was keeping night watch near Him. I don’t know how to describe it. What I was feeling at the time about that incident, I will try to put it into words.

Beloved Baba asked me, “Do you remember what I had told you, that one has to obey Me perfectly, and please Me? Then only can one become My slave. This is the willing choice of slavery. It makes Me happy. When one becomes My perfect slave, I also get bound with the responsibility of releasing them from bondage. For that purpose, I have to see that My slave serves Me perfectly well and seeks My pleasure all the time.”

When I heard this from Baba, I remembered the incident, which as follows:

Baba was at Meherazad and there was no electricity. At night, a kerosene lamp would be put outside the window of his room. The light would reflect through the glass of the window. But when Baba would take rest, he would ask me to close the window. So the room would be completely dark. I would then use a flashlight to read His gestures.

One night, all of a sudden, Baba got up and He said, “I am hungry. Give Me something to eat.”

There would always be a chocolate box in Baba’s room. So I took the lid of the box and put the box near Baba on the bed. I also the lid near the box. Baba’s eyes were closed. I went to open the window. With His eyes closed, Baba started touching the box. Instead of touching the box, he touched the lid, and it fell down, striking Him in the leg.

Baba made a ferocious expressions, and through gestures, exclaimed, “Oh, terrible! Terrible! Why did you put the lid here?”

Of course, I felt very bad, and recognized my mistake.

But Baba started scolding me. He said so many things, and I was realizing my mistake. Baba said, “It is impossible for Me to sleep now. I am in terrible pain. I wanted to take rest, but you are serving Me this way. That you are creating pain for Me.” Then Baba added, “Now I will try, but I will be unable to take rest.”

Again, He was lying down. I was repenting and repenting that I made a mistake. Within five minutes, Baba again got up and said, “Terrible! Terrible! I can’t bear it. Terrible pain!”

He got up and said to me, “Why did you put the lid here? On My bed? Now do you feel happy, when I am suffering? You have no mercy upon Me?” He went on, saying different things. I was still repenting. Again, he said, “It is impossible for Me to take rest. Still, I’ll try.”

Again, He was lying down in the bed, and I was repenting, thinking I made a very serious mistake.

Within five minutes, Baba got up. “This is horrible. I can’t bear it. It is too much. Now tell Me, whether you have come to kill Me or serve Me? You are so careless.”

When Baba said this, my mind started working. Thoughts would come, that Baba says that He suffers infinitely, but it must be all philosophy. The lid which fell down and struck him, how much pain could it have caused Him? If He cannot bear even a slight pain, then how is it possible for Him to suffer infinitely?

Immediately, Baba said, “What are you thinking?”

I replied, “Nothing.”

Baba indicated a stool near Him. “Sit here.”

By this time I had become very much upset. “No,” I said. “I’m all right.”

“Follow My instructions,” Baba ordered. “Sit down.”

So I sat down. Baba asked me, “Who are you?”

“I am Your slave,” I replied.

“What is the duty of a slave?”

“To serve the master and to please Him.”

“Are you pleasing Me?” Baba asked. “You make Me suffer. Do you have any idea how much pain I am having right now.”

I said to Him, “Baba, it happened unknowingly.”

“Unknowingly or knowingly,” Baba said. “I have nothing to do with this. I also know that it happened unknowingly. But your duty is to please Me. That’s why I am concerned with this. You’re not pleasing Me. Now hear well and listen carefully. When you have accepted Me as your Master, I also have accepted you as My slave. Your duty as a slave is to serve Me and to please Me. As your Master, it is My duty to see that My slave serves Me perfectly well and pleases Me. This is the bondage between Master and a slave. Do you realize how bound I feel for you? If the Himalayas fall down on Me, I will have no complaint. But because you have accepted Me, and I have accepted you, you have bound Me. Therefore, this little pain, as you think, is more than My infinite suffering.”

When I heard this, I felt amazed. I thought, “Whatever Baba was telling me was absolutely correct. I never thought about this.”

Baba says, “No one has any idea how much I suffer for the world, and how much I suffer for those who accept Me as their Master and follow Me. The suffering for the world is My responsibility. I have to suffer for that, because it is My duty to make every drop free from bondage and to make the drop realize that it is the Ocean all the time. But those who accept Me and become My willing slave, I tell you the truth, I become the slave of My slaves. Apparently it appears as if they are serving Me, but I serve them. This is very special that I become the slave of My slaves. What service I render to them, no one has any idea.

Suppose you get God realization, you will be free. Though I am eternally free, I am eternally bound. I find Myself as the only slave of everyone and everything, because I have to work for everything and everyone. It is My duty.

I am the Oceanized Ocean, and Oceanized Ocean means I am that Ocean which is always active. No one has any idea. Even a single nod from Me affects the whole universe. Therefore, just follow Me. Don’t try to understand Me. I am beyond understanding. So if you want to please Me, don’t try to understand Me and analyze Me. Just follow Me. I’ve been telling and telling the world to remember Me. My remembrance is the solution to all the problems of the world. These are not just words; the truth is there, because I am the One who has been serving Creation from the beginning to the end of everyone.

Just long to get My final embrace. I’m anxious and very eager to give it. That’s why, keep quiet, and don’t allow your mind to work. It is the obstruction to My embrace. I tell you, even if you don’t try, you will not be spared. You’ll get My final embrace.

Inlaks Hospital
Koregaon, Poona
Room F6
Tuesday, 29th May, 2001

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