Awakenings Part 1

The Milk-Filled Lake?


To: All Dear Ones By email:
Date: July 6, 2001
Subject: The Milk-Filled Lake?

Note slight change in order of "Awakenings."

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

From Bhau:

Last night (Tuesday, 5th June), something came. I was remembering and remembering, and when Shiva (Lynwood) arrived this morning, he was very eager to take something down. I'll try to give out whatever I remember. It was just a lightning message. I did not see Baba's form, nor did I see anything else. I just felt as if Baba were telling me something.

He said, "There can never be any compromise between the Truth and illusion. Just like two swords cannot be put in one sheath, so also there can be no compromise between Truth and illusion. Truth is Truth, and illusion is nothing but the shadow of the Truth.

"Now listen. I'll tell you one story.

"There once were two kings. One king was very fond of lakes and created different ones in various parts of his kingdom. He landscaped lush scenery; his whole kingdom he made very green and attractive.

"One day he invited the other king and took him around to various places in his kingdom. The other king was very impressed. When the latter king returned to his own kingdom, he thought, 'I can also create lakes in my kingdom. It should be even more attractive than the lakes of that other king.'

"He asked his minister to have one lake dug in his kingdom. When the lake was dug, the second king instructed that it should be filled with milk and not water. Then he would invite the first king to show him. So the minister employed thousands of laborers to dig the lake. When it was it excavated, the minister asked all his subjects to bring a vessel of milk and fill up the lake during the night.

"And then what happened?

"Each person was thinking, 'Everyone is bringing a vessel of milk. If I pour in one vessel of water instead, it will not be detected.'

"So everyone thought the same thing and poured a vessel of water into the lake.

"The next day, it was found that the lake was filled with water. The matter was reported to the king. The king was very much upset. He called the minister and asked him to assemble the subjects, which the minister did.

"One after another, they approached the king. The king asked, 'How did it happen? Why did you pour water into the lake when my order was to pour in a vessel of milk?'

"Each one said, 'I thought that everyone would pour in a vessel of milk. So if I poured in a vessel of water, it would not make any difference.'

Baba then said to me, "This is the reason why I am telling you there can never be any compromise between Truth and illusion. This is the game of illusion, which deceives everyone. One cannot find Truth if there is even a little bit of compromise with illusion. If you follow the Truth, you should pay all attention towards the Truth and don't think about anything. Everyone is full of so many desires, wants and temptations. If you make compromises with your desires and Truth, how is it possible for you to find the Truth?

"The spiritual path is so narrow that only one can pass along it. Your real self cannot take your false self along this path, because there is room for the passage of only one. Therefore, never make any compromise with the Truth.

"I know the weaknesses of each one, and My duty is to make those who follow Me free from weaknesses. I have to do this for each one. Even those who do not follow Me, for them also is it My duty. Because I am them. Therefore, remain alone. In order to remain alone, you have to get rid of all your desires, wants and temptations. For that purpose, you have to follow My Wish.

"Know well, that if you try to follow My Wish, this will be the first step for you. I will take you thousands of steps. You have no idea how I'll do it. I am in everyone, and I am thousands of times closer to you than your very own breath. Because this is the period of My Advent, I have to remain active. So I remain active in everyone. What I do, I just gradually wipe out the weaknesses of everyone and bring everyone closer and closer to Me.

"When I said, 'I've come not to teach, but to awaken,' so I have to awaken, awaken the world and that is my mission. How will this awakening take place? I will tell you.

"I am the Divine Sun, but people of the world are showing their backs towards the Sun. They are running towards material allurements. They are running faster and faster. Out of these people, there are some who get tired after running faster and faster. So they stop running, and walk faster, opposite to the Sun. Out of these, there are some who become so tired that they walk opposite to the Sun. But they don't walk fast. Out of these, some get so tired that they cannot walk. They just stand, and they think, 'What should we do?' They get an idea that everything is just nothing. They should find out the Truth. But still, they show their backs towards the Sun.

"When My Universal Manifestation takes place, there will be an about-turn. So those who have stopped walking will be very close to the Sun. Then there will be another group which will be behind that one, and so on.

"You are always wondering, 'When I am active, why do people gain more and more attraction towards material allurements?'

"But you don't know why this is happening. I am making people tired of material allurements. That's why you see people attracted more and more towards them. It is My way to get them tired, so that their attention will turned towards the Truth, and material allurements will not attract them."

Alas, I don't remember anything further.

With all love and Jai Baba to you,

Inlaks Hospital - Room F6
Koregaon Park
Poona, MS, India
June 6, 2001

Ps. Coming soon, two new "Awakenings" by Bhau: King Harischandra, Cremation Laborer, followed by Who Has Made You Tehlsidar?