Awakenings Part 1

Who Has Made You Tehsildar?


To: All Dear Ones
By email:
Date: June 7th, 2001
Subject: Who Has Made You Tehsildar?

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

From Bhau:

Today is the 7th of June. In the afternoon, I was taking a rest after lunch.

I felt some voice in my heart, and I was listening to it. I felt Beloved Baba was asking me, "Do you remember the 1958 Sahavas at Meherabad, when I brought one mast there? I had given the order that no one should approach the mast."

I said, "Yes, Baba. I remember."

"Then what happened? There was one man, Abdul Majzid Khan, approached the mast. Khan had brought with him some sweets, and he was offering them to the mast. He was also giving money to the mast. Pendu came to know this.

"Pendu approached the man, and he scolded him, 'You don't know Baba's order? Baba has told all pilgrims not to approach the mast, and you are disobeying Baba's order?'

"Abdul Majzid Khan left the mast and went to his tent to sleep. When I came the next day, Pendu informed Me. I summoned Abdul Majzid Khan and asked him, 'Why did you go to that mast?'

"And he said, 'For spiritual benefit, I come to you. For material benefits, I go to the mast.'

"'Who am I?' I asked him.

"'You are the Avatar. You are the Highest of the High.'

"'If I am the Highest of the High,' I replied, 'everything is in My hand. Nobody can give you anything, even material things. Who has made you Tehsildar (revenue officer)? If I am the Highest of the High, then everything spiritual or material, is in My Hands. How can you get anything from the mast?

"'I am the One who has created Creation, and My Creation is under My Divine Plan. Nothing happens except according to My Will. I just see to it that the progress of Creation goes on smoothly, in a natural way.

"'It is not difficult for Me to give eyesight to the blind, to give life to the dead, and to give material benefits to people. I can do that. But I just want consciousness to progress in a natural way. Therefore, I do not perform miracles. If I perform miracles, people should not take them as miracles. I always discourage them, that they should not take them as miracles.'

"Do you know Dr. Ram Ginde?" Baba's silent voice asked me. " He was the topmost neurologist [in Bombay]. One day, a child, who was almost dead, was brought to him. Because the child's parents were weeping and weeping, Dr. Ram Ginde thought that he should do something in order to console the parents. So he took the child to the operating theatre and performed an operation. Continuously, he was taking My name. He required eight hours to complete the operation.

"When I went to Poona for My summer stay, Dr. Ram Ginde brought that child along with his parents. He was a very handsome boy, eight years old, and the only son of the parents. Ram Ginde told Me, 'Baba, in the discussion today, I disclosed the incident which took place. This child fell down from the eighth floor, and here are his parents. They are industrialists. Their son fell down from the eighth floor, and his skull was broken. There was no hope for the boy. The parents were crying and crying, knowing full well that their boy would not survive. I felt that I should do something in order to console them. For this purpose, I instructed that the boy should be taken to the operating theatre. Then I started performing the operation. I would utter continuously, 'Baba, Baba, Baba.' Though I was doing this in order to console the parents, it required eight hours for me to perform the surgery. And here is this boy. I am disclosing this before You, because I know that You saved the life of this boy.'

"And do you know what reply I gave him? I said to Ram Ginde, 'It happened because of your faith in Me. I did not do anything. This is all just news to Me.

"Though I do everything, I don't want My lovers to expect such miracles from Me. I want that they should love Me wholeheartedly and not expect anything from Me. When I am the Highest of the Highest, I know what is to be given. Without being asked, I give. But I don't want My lovers to be caught up in such miracles and forget Me.

"In Reality, you have to lose everything in order to know your own Real self. If you gain material wealth, what is there? When you die, you just leave it. It is only there for the time being. So why not achieve the Real thing, so that you may have everything in your hand?

"This is the reason, why from time to time, I give warnings to My lovers, that they should not expect anything from Me. Because I am the One Who has the duty to make people conscious of Divinity.

"Once, in 1926, I was at Meherabad. I was in a very good mood. One day, the Mandali members were sitting before Me, and I asked them, 'Did you see My stool?'

"And they replied, 'No, Baba.'

"'Everyday you see,' I said to them, 'and you say you don't see My stool.'

"'No, Baba. We have never seen your stool.'

"'And I laughed and said to them, 'Once I felt the need to ease myself. There was no Creation, nothing. Only I was there. And when I eased myself, all these stars, suns, all of Creation came out. When you see the stars, you see that they're are beautiful. The moon is very beautiful, also. There are many things in Creation that you think are so beautiful. But I tell you, that this is all my stool. And when my stool appears so beautiful to you, what about My beauty? That beauty is in everyone. You have come into Creation to experience this beauty. But you remain attached with My stool. This is the reason I come down onto earth age after age, to make you aware of that beauty, and keep you detached from the stool.'"

And then I [Bhau] woke up, and felt that I was still attached to the stool, not the beauty. But this experience had a great impact on me.

With all love and Jai Babas,

In His Service,

Inlaks Hospital - Room F6
Koregaon Park
Poona, MS, India
Day, 7 June, 2001

Ps. Coming soon King Harischandra, Cremation Laborer, and on Silence Day, "Yad Rakh" (Remember This) -- Bhau's Final Awakening