Awakenings Part 1

I Am That Beauty in Every Particle


Date: May 10, 2001
Subject: Bhau's "Awakening" - I Am That Beauty in Every Particle

From Bhau:

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

This morning, I took a walk around Sheela's house. Then I sat on the porch. It was a very beautiful morning, and since the last three days, the breeze is coming. I was very happy while sitting on the porch and looking at the garden.

I was thinking, "O Baba what beauty You have created!"

All of a sudden, a voice came to me, "Beauty? What beauty? Beauty is not out. Beauty is within. If you see the glimpse of that Beauty, you will forget yourself. That Beauty is eternal and infinite, and that Beauty is such, that all else is nothing but illusion, a shadowy play of Maya.

"I am that Beauty, and I am in every particle. There is nothing besides Me. But no one tries to see My Beauty. Everyone is attracted towards the shadowy beauty of the world, which has no substance. So it has become My duty to awaken people towards that Beauty. This is the reason I come down on Earth age after age, to Awaken humanity.

"I am in everyone and everything. When I come down on Earth I become everyone and everything. Only I do so. No one can become everyone and everything. I draw everyone towards Me, so that they may recognize Me. But in everything, My work is different. I give push to everything to proceed from one kingdom of evolution of consciousness to another. And sometimes I give better push.

"I am approachable by everyone, whether he is poor or rich . Whether he is a king or a beggar. Whether they are a man or woman. Whether he is literate or illiterate. Whether he is virtuous or a sinner. Everyone can approach Me without any distinction.

"At the time of dropping My body, I have issued the pass to everyone to approach Me. Since then, I am residing in the Divine Palace, waiting for people to approach Me. I have been creating the thirst of seeing Me in their hearts to come to Me. Since I have dropped My body, continuously a thirst is created from person to person. Because of that thirst, they are in search of the King, who is the Ocean. They go here and there, and they find a pond with lotus flowers. They are attracted towards the pond because there is water. They don't know that the water is dirty. All hypocritical saints and masters, they have those ponds. These people who have the thirst cannot be with the ponds for a long time. That is My work, and My work will draw them towards Me. They will approach Me in the Palace, because I have created the thirst, and I have also given the pass to approach Me directly.

"Then, there are others, who know that they have to approach Me in the Palace. They are proceeding towards the Palace. Then there are many, who do not know anything about the Palace, though they have received the pass through the King . So for the present, it appears that they have no care for the King. But when the King has care for them, how can they be left out?

"Then, there are still others, religious minded people. They have become so orthodox that they have forgotten God completely. They are involved in rituals and ceremonies. Each religion proclaims that it is the best, and they go to the extent that they fight with other religions. But they will also not be spared because I am them. I am the Truth, and how long can they be away from the Truth? They are all My children, and I cannot hate my children. I love them.

"Then, there are yet others, who are atheists. They don't accept God and abuse God. Religions abuse other religions. Atheists abuse God, and this is nothing but the play of illusion. This illusion is becoming more and more forceful, because I am creating the thirst. In order to drink pure water, the heart should be free from strangers (desires, wants, temptations). This is the Divine Game. Nobody can understand it. I am sitting in the Divine Palace, and I have to take care of everything and everyone, because I am bound by My duty.

'The first miracle I performed by creating Creation. Now I have to perform another real miracle to make people conscious about the goal of life, but which miracle I am continuously performing, no one knows.

"I am silent, but no one knows how powerful My silent voice is, which touches everyone and everything, and goes on bringing transformation in the form of awakening. But it is difficult to understand. It is only to be experienced. But I tell you, a great change will take place in the world, and that change will be for the better. That will be the awakening towards the divinity, though the awakening will differ from person to person. But everyone will face the sun. No one will show their back towards the sun. There will be a complete change, to proceed towards the Truth, and their backs will be shown towards the illusion, towards Maya. Everyone will have the thirst to see the Beauty of the King. There will be some who will know that they have been Beauty all the time, and what they had been seeing until now was the ugliness of Illusion, which has no substance.

"So remember. You are that Beauty of the Divine. You have to experience it, whether you want it, or you don't want it. I am responsible to make you experience that Beauty. So convey to My dear ones and all, to remember Me wholeheartedly while doing everything in the world, but never forget Me. I am their happiness, and I am their misery. Therefore they need not worry.

"Do you remember what couplets I had given you? I had given you couplets on 'You Alone Exist.' In those couplets what do you find?

"'I am in everything. I am in the human being. I am in the devil. I am in the mosquito. I am in bugs.'

"Why that prayer was given to you, though, except for a few, I wrote those couplets Myself? That prayer shows My all pervading nature of God. I am in everyone and in everything, and I am responsible for everyone and everything. It is My responsibility. That is why, though I enjoy infinite bliss, at the same time I suffer infinitely. This age is suffering and suffering. At the same time, it is a most blessed age. You are most fortunate because it is not just part of the world, but it is the whole of the world which will be awakened towards God.

"I alone exist. I am the Infinite Ocean, and you all are drops in My Ocean. It is My duty to see you all merged in the Ocean, and know that you are not the drops, but you are all one infinite Ocean.

I heard Beloved Baba's voice in my heart. I could not make out whether my heart was speaking, or the voice was speaking through my mind. But the mind was quiet. I was feeling the voice, and what I am writing now, it appeared as soon as I opened my eyes this morning.

In His love and service,

May 10, 2001

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