Awakenings Part 1

Your Curtain of Ignorance Should Be Lifted


To: All Dear Ones
By email:
Date: May 7, 2001
Subject: Bhau's "Awakening" - Your Curtain of Ignorance Should Be Lifted

Continued from Bhau's report regarding his trip to Meherazad

After lunch I took some rest. People came from different places, and I met them. At night, after the dinner, I was sleepy, and I heard, "Get up! Getup! Get up and see Me."

I opened my eyes. I was looking here and there, but I could not see anyone.

The voice said, "How can you see me? You have put on the curtain of ignorance. I am with you all the time, but you cannot see Me because you are used to seeing My form. Now, I do not have form, and I want you to see Me in My Infinite form. For that purpose, your curtain of ignorance should be lifted. Then you will see Me everywhere and at any time. I will then be there, and you will not be there."

I realized how much care my Beloved is taking for me. I felt touched.

And the voice said, "Do you remember what I had said to you when you were keeping watch, and you were perturbed by something?"

I did not remember.

So Baba, through that voice, said, "Did I not ask you to walk like when you grow to be 70 years old?"

I said to Him, "Yes, Baba."

And Baba, through that voice, said, "Walk."

The voice directed me to walk to one corner of the room, to the other again and again. I started laughing.

"Do you feel perturbed now?" the voice asked. "You are laughing, and you are in a joy. Still you are perturbed?"

"No," I said.

"So now see. Where was the anxiety which was hidden within you?"

I could not find anything. On the contrary I was happy.

And the voice said, "Sanskaras of anxiety, which were giving you trouble, are no more. How can you feel anxiety? Because of those sanskaras, you were feeling anxiety. Now they are not there. You are happy and joyful."

The voice continued, "Throughout the world there is nothing but anxiety. Whether a man is happy or he is miserable, he faces anxiety. One cannot get out of that. The sanskaras of anxiety should by wiped out. Then there will be no anxiety.

"This is My Universal Work for humanity. I come down on Earth, age after age, to make people free from the anxiety of illusory bindings. This is My period of bestowing Awakening. No one has any idea what I am passing through every moment. You work, you get tired, and then you sleep and get rest. But rest is not for Me. I work and work and work. On the contrary, I work more when you take rest."

"You have no idea how much I love My mandali members, because they have become the real sandals of My feet. I use them wherever I go for My work. I can travel everywhere with My sandals on, because I love My sandals. I go on solving the problem of anxiety. But it is necessary that people should call me wholeheartedly, so that I may solve their problem. But if they retain themselves and call Me, my sandals understand the language of their selfish motive, and check Me from going there. How will you understand this? It is impossible to understand. I am the slave of My lovers, and My slaves, when they know what to attend and what not to attend, they behave accordingly. Because I am the slave of My slaves, I give honor to My slaves."

The voice then stopped.

I was just thinking how much the Beloved glorifies His lovers. He is so glorious a one, that His glory cannot be imagined. But He Himself makes His true slaves glorious. What a compassion the Beloved has!

In His Love and Service,

May 7, 2001

Ps. This is the gift of my visit to Meherazad, where the Beloved sings the song of Oneness all the time. The Beloved has become very, very kind to me, that He talks to me through His silent voice. I don't hear any word. I am amazed, how does it come to the level of understanding, and I put it in words?