Awakenings Part 2

Suffocation by a Seven-Color Curtain

To: All Dear Ones
By email:
Date: June 25, 2001
Subject: Bhau's "Awakening" of 25th June -- Suffocation by a Seven-Color Curtain


From Bhau:

I was given 15 minutes to speak at the Young Adult Sahavas [Meherabad, 22nd June-2nd July]. I did not like being limited to such a short time, and I told Mehera Makeig that my talk had been scheduled for only 15 minutes. So she changed the program to give me two hours.

Then this morning [Monday, 25th June], another Awakening began at about 5:00 a.m., in the form of the voice of Beloved Baba in silence.

Beloved Baba asked me, "Did you open the Young Adult Sahavas?"

I said to Him "Yes, Baba."

"Even your father cannot open it!" He responded. "Do you understand what opening My Sahavas is? And you open it? What do you know about opening? It is a secret. When you open the door of the house, you say you 'Open the door.' You open the gate of the house, and that, too, is dealing with physical things. You cannot deal with inner things. That is My work. I open it.

"Everyone's heart is covered by a seven-colored curtain, but no one knows it. How can you lift the curtain? If you cannot even see the curtain, it is not possible to lift it. Now you say 'Young Adult Sahavas,' and whose Sahavas is it? My Sahavas to the young adults. How will they be in My company? They will only enjoy My Sahavas when there is a little awareness. I am always eager to give my Sahavas to everyone. This is the reason I come down on earth, age after age. I am very, very anxious, but no one else is anxious. I have to make them anxious to remain in My Sahavas.

"You think that you open the Young Adult Sahavas! You don't see the curtain, so how can you lift it? You gave a talk; I was listening. You gave a nice talk, but it was just a talk. You cannot lift their curtains. I was there. I did not lift their curtains but I touched them, thus creating inner awareness for my Sahavas.

"Now do you know how responsible I have become? After touching the curtain of each heart, I will lift it slowly, slowly. I cannot lift it all of a sudden. No one would be able to bear it, so I will lift the curtain gradually.

"Now do you understand how bound I am? I bear the responsibility for everyone. But most people do not allow Me to even touch their curtain. I have to suffer and suffer for them in order to make them ready to allow Me to touch the curtain which has covered their hearts. Because of this, they cannot see My face. They don't know even that I am there all the time with them.

"You have no idea how impossibly difficult My work is. How I become the slave of everyone. They don't know this. I have to make him or her ready, after working for him or her very cautiously and suffering for him or her, before for everyone, I touch their curtain.

How is it possible for anyone to understand this, which is beyond understanding? Every moment I have to work for this, because everyone possesses a thick curtain of seven colors. Everyone likes these colors, unaware that he or she has that curtain. Everyone loves it. What slavery it is for Me to lift up this curtain! What a responsibility I have. No one else can take this responsibility. I am free eternally, and I am bound eternally. I am free in My own form, and I remain bound in everyone and everything. This is the suffocation I endure. What idea can you possibly have about My suffocation?

Everyone in Creation is My child. But My children are most mischievous. Therefore I have to bear this suffocation for them. The suffocation is really unbearable, but I have to bear it, and keep smiling. But how I weep within, who can know? Particularly when I want to help, and people go on rejecting and denying Me. What a plight this is for Me. How can I explain it? My explanation cannot serve any purpose, because the explanation is beyond understanding and as long as one tries to understand it, one cannot realize it.

"So know well, that though you have performed the opening of the Young Adult Sahavas, you did nothing. You put the burden on Me. But I am happy to take up this burden, because that is My work.

"How did these boys and girls come here to be in My Sahavas? Do you understand this? I made them come here. I am with them, and I will be with them until the time they unite with Me. So I give My love blessing to all the Young Adult Sahavasis. I know they will be inclined to make Me happy.

"My love blessing to all My children who have come to My Sahavas. -- Meher Baba"

So dear Shiva, I am sending this to you because I received it at 5:00 a.m. today after I gave talk of opening at the Sahavas. But this message I intend to read out to those who have come as Young Adult Sahavasis.

With all love and Jai Baba to you and sister Manonash.

In His Love & Service,
Monday, 25th June
Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India

Ps. I like to share this excerpt from an email by Richard Turner of Norwich, England: Nesles, France, August 23rd: "Bhau is magnificent at the moment -- so strong and giving out love. He gives three talks a day 10 - 1; 4 - 7 and after dinner in the evening. He is still going strong at 10 in the evening while everyone around is flagging. The French group arranged everything beautifully, such a lovely place -- a garden of paradise nestling in the Oise valley."

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