Awakenings Part 2

Sahavas Humor -- Part II

To: All Dear Ones
By email:
Date:Thursday, 28th June, 2001
Subject: Bhau’s “Awakening” of 28th June -- Sahavas Humor -- Part II


Continued from Bhau’s “Awakening” Sahavas Humor -- Part I

From Bhau:

At 10:30 p.m. [Wednesday, 27th June] I prayed to Baba, “Please Beloved Baba give me one message for the L.A. Sahavas as requested by Your dear Jeff [Maguire]. He is humorous, and therefore, give me something humorous in the form of a message.”

Then I went to bed.

After some hours, I was half awake and half asleep. I was dreaming, and Baba appeared in my dream.

“Do you remember what happened during the 1958 Sahavas?

“There were two groups according to the language, Telegu and Gujarati, instead of four as in 1955. When these groups came to Meherabad for My Sahavas, they found My birthday fell during the Sahavas period. They requested Me to allow them to celebrate My birthday. When I granted them permission, they were very happy.

“Then villagers came from Arangaon. They, too, wanted to celebrate My birthday, and again I granted them permission. On the evening of 24th February, when I left Meherabad for Meherazad, the pilgrims and villagers did not sleep the whole night. They were very, very busy decorating the pandals [temporary structures with cloth roofs and supported by bamboo poles erected for ceremonial occasions] under which Baba would meet people and sit to give darshan. One of the Arangaon villagers worked in an office in Ahmednagar, and he brought his car for this special occasion. The villagers wanted Baba to ride in it, and this, too, they spent the night decorating.

“On the morning of the 25th, at about 4:00 a.m., I started from Meherazad. Eruch was driving Me in the Chevrolet. I had to ease Myself and instructed him to take Me to My cabin at Meherabad.

“But what happened?

“The pilgrims and villagers from Arangaon came three miles from Meherabad towards Ahmednagar to receive Me and take Me in the car they had decorated. They surrounded Me, singing, dancing and shouting “Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai!”

“‘Get away! Get away from here!,’ Eruch told them, because I had instructed him to take Me directly to My cabin. ‘Give me passage!’

“But when they did not give way, I told Eruch, ‘Stop the car,’ and he did so.

“I stepped out of the Chevrolet and sat in the decorated car. The pilgrims and the villagers continued to sing and to dance. It took two hours for Me to reach Meherabad. When I reached My cabin, I immediately went inside to ease Myself.

“Because the pilgrims and visitors were shouting ‘Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai! Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai!’ I could not ease Myself. I came out of My cabin and went to the pandal where I started the program.

Earlier, the villagers had walked barefoot to a sacred river and brought water from it. They wanted to wash My feet in the holy water.

“‘My experience is that I am in you all,” I told the crowd. “So why should I trouble you to wash My feet? When I wash My feet Myself, because I am in you all, the result will be as if you all have washed My feet.’

“So I washed My feet with the holy water, and when I was done, the water was kept in one utensil. The villagers were planning to take it. So I asked Sidhu, one of my Mandali, to take this water and throw it in the field, which he did.

“Then the darshan program started. Though I did not like people bowing down to Me, the pilgrims and villagers requested Me to allow it. So I permitted them to bow down to Me on that one day. Everyone lined up in a queue.

“One person from Hamirpur prostrated before Me. I waited and waited, but when he did not get up, I said to those around Me, ‘Come here! See whether this man is dead or alive!’

“The man from Hamirpur immediately got up, and everyone enjoyed themselves.

“So the Sahavas program would be very, very enjoyable when I would hold them at Meherabad. There were many Sahavasees, and each would feel that I loved him more than I loved the others. Everyone would feel the same. It would always happen that each drop in the Ocean thought it was by itself in the Ocean, and no other drop was in the Ocean. Thus, nobody felt I was paying more attention toward others than to him; in fact, the situation was just the reverse, everyone thought to themselves, ‘Baba is paying me the most attention.’

“I would open the gate of My infinite heart, and love would flow towards everyone. No one would feel ignored. Though I am not in a physical body, I still do the same thing.

“Why did I start these Sahavas programs?

“I started them so My lovers would obtain relief from their worldly affairs and spend time with Me. When they do so, even though I have dropped My physical body, I remain busy and active in them. Therefore, these Sahavas programs are very, very important. People are terribly busy in this sophisticated age. They are so involved in the world they have no time to think about God. But these Sahavas programs give them an opportunity to remain away from the world and be with Me.

“And what do I do for them?

“I take their burden of sanskaras on Myself, and I suffer for them. That is My pleasure, because My existence is for this purpose. I created Creation, and therefore, I am responsible for everyone and everything.”

Baba then disappeared, and I slept.

At about 5:00 a.m., Beloved Baba again appeared, and I woke up. He was not talking, but He was creating a feeling in me, and so I remembered the “Awakening” that He wanted to convey.

He asked me, “Did you follow what I had told you about the Sahavas? Remember this. When My lovers are in My Sahavas, they should forget the world and be with Me.

“In order to be with Me they should sing, they should talk, they should dance, they should see My films, they should have different workshops. They should have a toddy shop as they do during the L.A. Sahavas. They should remember what I was doing when I was working in the toddy shop. They should play games. They should arrange different activities pertaining to My life and work. This is the practical way of remembrance and to be with Me. They should remain in My company (“Sahavas”), during the Sahavas period and not with their false self, which consists of anger, lust, greed, selfishness, jealousy, backbiting, slander, hypocrisy, and other thoughts and temptations.

“They must enjoy My company.

“When they are in My company, because I am Bliss, there is no room for sadness. Enjoy that Bliss by being with Me. I am happy that My lovers have started Sahavas programs all over the world. And I want them to know that I am with them all the time and also very active in them. I cannot ignore anyone.”

“Now, I will tell you something very important: I have three types of followers:

1. Obedient: Those who follow Me and do whatever I say. They never ask anything, and they never think of any other thing but to follow My orders. They are fully dedicated. They remain surrendered to Me and do not expect anything from Me. They just seek My pleasure. They feel happy in My happiness. Though they suffer and suffer, they never complain.

2. Obedient with reservation: They follow Me in order to get some material benefit. When I ask them to follow Me, they ask, ‘What benefit will we derive if we follow You?’

“I know that even if I explain to them, they will not be able to understand. So I ask them to catch hold of My fingers and follow Me, and they will come to know what they will receive from Me. So they do as I ask. On their way, they forget about possible benefits, and they follow Me.

3. Adamant: When I ask them to follow Me, they say, ‘Why should we follow You? Who are You?’

“If I tell them, ‘I am God in human form,’ they say, ‘You are egoistic!’

“They blame Me. They criticize Me. They abuse Me. This group includes those addicted to the rituals and ceremonies of different religions, as well as atheists, and intellectuals who think that they know everything. Most people of the world fall under this group.

“But if I am God, I am them. I am everyone and everything, and nothing exists besides Me. So I cannot hate anyone. If anyone praises Me or criticizes Me, I am him or her. So this third type, even if they criticize and abuse Me, because I have created them, I am responsible for them.

“It is My duty to take everyone to the Destination. So I take members of this third group on My shoulders. But they don’t sit quietly. They beat Me. But I cannot ignore them and must put up with their abuse, because they, too, are My responsibility.

“The first type are the trusted ones. I trust them, and I know, that in any case, they will never leave Me.

“I have to take care of the second type. In the beginning, I tempt them with food or anything they like. Gradually, gradually, however, they forget about these lures and become obedient.

“The third type creates infinite trouble for Me. But even though very mischievous, they also are My children. I have to put up with them, and I have to take care of them. That’s why I am the Compassionate Father of everyone.

“When I come down on Earth in human form, I have to catch the birds in My net. But when I spread out My net, birds do not come near it. So I spread grain at a distance and hide Myself. The birds then come to eat the grain. I spread the grain a little nearer to the net, and the birds approach a little closer. Still I remain hidden. In this way, I spread the grain nearer and nearer to the net. When they reach the net, I stand there. By that time the birds have become bold. Naturally, those birds who see Me and love Me are caught in the net.

“Once they are caught, I can twist their necks! I can do anything! They cannot fly out of the net because they are caught. I have full trust in them, and I know whatever I do, they cannot fly out of the net.

“I have to make these birds free from their false self, and therefore I have to do these things. This is My real compassion. To give them grain to eat is also compassion. But to twist their neck, to keep them hungry, to behave badly with them, is real compassion!”

Then Beloved Avatar Meher Baba closed by saying word-for-word to me:

“Therefore, O My dear ones, I am your Compassionate Father. Don’t fear for anything because everything is nothing but illusion. I am the Real One, and I am your Compassionate Father. I can never ignore you, so try to remain with Me in My Sahavas, and not with the world during your Sahavas period. I tell you that I will give you that gift which you will not receive even if you renounce the world externally, do meditation or concentration, do yogic practices, fast, keep silence or perform all types of austerities. I love you all. My love blessing to you, My dear lovers of L.A, and all who love Me and who do not love Me, I belong to you all.”

Dear Jeff, Beloved Avatar Meher Baba appeared before me for a moment, and then He disappeared. Behind the curtain, the Voice was coming which my heart registered. I am sending this to you. How compassionate Beloved Baba is that He gave this message for you all, and I hope it will have an impact on your hearts.

With all love and Jai Baba to you, and all dear ones who are attending the Sahavas in Pilgrim Pines.

In His Love and Service,


Thursday, 28th June, 2001
Trust Office
Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India

P.S. There are many more “Awakenings” and messages that Bhau has dictated, although I’m not sure in what order they will be released. In any case, Bhau has written a powerful and profound message regarding the World Trade Center calamity. It will be distributed shortly in two parts.

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