Awakenings Part 1

Noisy Thinking


To: All Dear Ones
By email:
Date: 30th May, 2001
Subject: Noisy Thinking

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

From Bhau:

Today, Wednesday, 30th May, 2001, at 6:00am, I got up, and I remembered an incident which had taken place in Guruprasad during 1963.

I was keeping nightwatch, and Beloved Baba told me that He wanted to take rest, and therefore I should not make any noise. Just sit quietly on the chair. I should not make any movement.

According to the instructions, I was sitting quietly. Baba was lying down in the bed. All of a sudden Baba clapped, and I went to him. Baba said, "Why did you make noise?"

"I was sitting quietly, Baba," I said to Him. "I did not make any noise."

"You were sitting quietly?" Baba responded. "You were breathing very fast, and you made a noise."

As soon as Baba said this, I started thinking. The Guruprasad bungalow was near the main road. The railway station was so close. Continuously, trains were coming and going. Immediately, I said to Him, "Baba, the buses are running. The trucks are running. The railway station is so close. A lot of noise the engines make, and You are not disturbed by that? My breathing fast made a noise for You, and You were disturbed?"

"Did I ask the trucks and buses and the trains not to make any noise? I asked YOU not to make any noise. So I am concerned with you. I am not concerned with trucks, buses or railway trains."

Then I felt as if Baba was telling me, "When you start thinking about My order, your mind creates noise. That noise fools you. You think that you are reasonable. But you don't know, thinking itself makes illusory noise. Unless you stop thinking, you cannot find Reality. You don't know what I mean when I ask you to do a certain thing.

"But how to stop thinking? So far as impressions are there, you cannot stop thinking. Because of impressions, you have thoughts, and you have desires. To stop thinking means to get rid of thoughts and desires. That's why I always say, 'Obey my command. Obey Me 100%. Whatever I say, you just do it accordingly. Do not think 'Why did Baba give this order to Me, or that order to Me? Why did He not give the order to this one or that one.' Once you start thinking and analyzing My orders, you miss. You start creating distance from Reality, Reality which is thousands of times closer to you than your own breath.

"Let thoughts come, but you should not be pulled by your thoughts. Just do what I want. In this way, the noise will become less and less. The distance will become less and less, and Reality will be closer and closer to you."

I then felt very refreshed, and went to bathroom, but clearance was not there. Now I am waiting and waiting for it. The doctor also comes and goes. He wants to remove the catheter and discharge me from the hospital, but so far no success. I don't know whether he will use the catheter again, or whether I will get discharged.

With all loving Jai Babas to you,

In His love and service,

Inlaks Hospital - Room F6
Koregaon Park
Poona, MS, India
Wednesday, 30th May, 2001

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