Awakenings Part 1

Stretching My Bow


To: Bhau’s Dear Ones
Date: May 3, 2001
Subject: May 3, 2001 “Awakening” from Bhau: Stretching My Bow

From Bhau:

Actually, because my mind remains dead, I cannot put in words the deep down voice which I heard in my heart. At the time when I hear this voice, I feel Beloved Baba wants me to make it possible for His lovers to hear this. Therefore, though it is very difficult to put the voice in words, still I have tried. Deep down voice it is His voice and cannot be translated into words. Only love can experience it. It cannot be translated intellectually, but I have tried.

I believe Beloved Baba has given such a good explanation of suffering through His voice in my heart, and His dear ones will like it.

With all love to all the dear ones of the Beloved Baba.

In His Love and Service.


May 3, 2001

Now I am all right and took a long walk in the morning. I am sitting on the porch, thinking about how to put into words that voice I heard during the night. It was just the voice in my heart, and it was silent voice of Beloved Baba. It may not be exact what I am feeling, but because I feel that, it is useful for the Baba world. What I am trying to put it in words is as follows:

Beloved Baba was asking me, “Do you remember what I said in 1967 during My night watch?”

When I did not reply, He said, “I told you that I am stretching and stretching My bow. When I release My arrow, it will touch the hearts of everyone. It will go on moving and moving and touching hearts.”

In 1967, when Baba entered into last phase of His seclusion, Darshan and correspondence were closed. But new Baba lovers would still write. Eruch and I would receive numerous letters everyday. After His seclusion work in the morning, Baba would ask us to read out those letters to Him. Baba would also go to the extent of dictating the reply. He still would not agree to give His Darshan, though His lovers would want His Darshan.

One day, I had received many letters in this connection, and Baba had not asked me to read out these letters after His seclusion work. When I went for night watch, all of a sudden, the thought came in my mind about these letters. In them, His lovers had asked Beloved Baba whether there were any opportunity to have His Darshan. I did not say anything to Baba.

Baba Himself asked me, “What are you thinking?”

I was hesitating to tell Him, but Baba asked me to say out frankly. So I said to Him, “Baba all those letters were pertaining to your Darshan. You have closed your Darshan, and your lovers are restless.”

Baba said, “You don’t understand the mystery behind it,” and then He gave the example of an arrow and a bow.

He was reminding me through His voice about this example and awakening me towards the arrow which He had released during dropping of His body. Last night, Baba said that the arrow is moving continuously and touching heart after heart. Because of this touch, there is chaos and confusion in the world. Selfishness, greed, pride, lust, anger, hatred, jealousy etc. are coming up. They are more and more increasing in people, because they are all engrained in their minds. Because of the touch of the arrow, they are coming out. It will be more and more. But know well, a time is coming when people will be free from these, and honesty, truth and love will prevail.

“The arrow of my Universal Work I have released. When it touches every heart, all these low desires will come up solely in order to vanish. Then only there will be peace.

“The world is suffering because low desires are coming out. My mandali members are suffering because I have made connections for them with the world. Therefore, the mandali members are not suffering for themselves, but are suffering for others with whom connections have been made. But whatever is happening, it is for the good of the world. Though for the present, it appears as if I did nothing, and I am doing nothing for the world. But I know why the world will think this about me if you put this before the world. Know well, all are my children, and for me, they are not good or bad, but they are ME.”

“I am giving a push to science, so that the world may be relieved from physical suffering. So this is a sort of anesthesia for the world. But for my lovers, their faith and love for me are the anesthesia, because they derive inner strength to face all difficulties.

“For my mandali members, the real anesthesia is their dedication, surrenderance and love for me. Therefore, even as they suffer they remain cheerful and joyful. They do not know that they are made to suffer by Me because they are the medium for Universal work.

“This is all necessary because I have dropped My physical body. People were suffering at that time too, but they were suffering because of their own sanskaras. Though they were suffering, they were not making themselves free from the binding of the impression. Now they are suffering because they have to free from undesirable impressions and come to Me.

“So this suffering is the blessing for them because this suffering will relieve them from the binding of undesirable impressions and turn them towards the reality to lead the life of honesty, truth and love. So remember this: whatever is happening to the world, it is because of the arrow of My Universal work, which has been released from Me.

“Corruption, atrocities, terrorism, religion fanaticism, greed for power, hypocritical saints etc. have come up. Those people who are involved in this, their lowest desires are coming up. What they are doing they know not, nor do they know what will happen to them. They will suffer and suffer in their next births, and then this suffering will become a blessing for them. They will not realize this now. But they will have to realize it because My arrow is bringing all this out in order to vanish. It will disappear, though it will take long time.”