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His Life

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Dear friend and poet Adrian Rawlins, one of the first Australian music journalists, died on September 12, 2001 aged 62 after suffering from cancer.
Baba was his first love in life, poetry and music followed. Adrian had been at the forefront of quality arts activity for over 30 years, and during this time his many talents have been appreciated in the fields of poetry, theater, mime, dance, rock music, jazz, radio and visual arts. Adrian has been called a leading figurehead on the Australian Music scene, one of the best loved eccentrics in the Australian Arts, and an antidote to dreary conformity. He was regarded by many as one of the best readers of poetry in the world.
He hung out with the Stones and Bob Dylan when they toured Australia, published his Dylan articles as a book ("Bob Dylan Through The Looking Glass"), co-compered the legendary 1972 Sunbury festival, managed the Red Onion Jazz Band and ran the Fat Black Pussy Cat club in Toorak. On the weekend, a group of poets gathered at the Fringe Festival in Fitzroy to pay tribute to him by the $27,000 statue that was built some years back to honour him on the corner of Brunswick & Webb streets.

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