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Awakenings Part 2


A New Series Of Awakenings



Note: After dictating “Yad Rakh,” (the previous “Awakening,” given to Bhau by Baba on 10th June, 2001), Bhau felt that Baba wanted him to focus on Trust work. Beloved Baba had been giving him messages in order to keep Bhau happy and cheerful, so that he would not dwell on his suffering. Since his mind now had to be engaged on Trust work, Bhau did not think that he would receive any more direct messages from Baba. Also, with Yad Rakh, the series of “Awakenings” somehow felt complete.

Perhaps if Bhau were lucky, he would remember the forgotten Parts II and III of “Not Remembering is Not Forgetting,” (his “Awakening” of 21st May), as well the message Baba had given him for Seviks and Sevikas. (This is not true forgetfulness, this is loss of memory due to his strokes). Fortunately, this indeed was the case for the “Awakening” which follows, Part II of Not Remembering is Not Forgetting.

So he did not expect any fresh “Awakenings.” But Baba hews to His own schedule and timetable, and is ever the most surprising One of all! In forthcoming weeks, several new “Awakenings” will be circulated to His dear ones.

Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!