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Awakenings Part 1

Bhau Kalchuri - Awakenings


In the spring of 2001 anticipation for many Baba Lovers in the west turned to sadness when word spread that Bhau Kalchuri , due to illness would not be coming to visit America or England.
During Bhauji's long recovery, a series of "Awakenings" have been coming to him directly, he says, from Meher Baba.
These revelations which Bhau has called "Awakenings" have been circulated quietly through Babacyberland.
Bhau has given express permission to post all of the "Awakenings" on this site.
Here in from our Beloved through Bhauji are the "Awakenings."
Maybe in a Baba way, sweet Bhauji has come to visit the west in 2001.
Below is a small explanation written by Bhau on how these "Awakenings" began.

"Actually, because my mind remains dead, I cannot put in words the deep down voice which I heard in my heart. At the time when I hear this voice, I feel Beloved Baba wants me to make it possible for His lovers to hear this. Therefore, though it is very difficult to put the voice in words, still I have tried. Deep down voice it is His voice and cannot be translated into words. Only love can experience it. It cannot be translated intellectually, but I have tried.

I believe Beloved Baba has given such a good explanation of suffering through His voice in my heart, and His dear ones will like it.

With all love to all the dear ones of the Beloved Baba.

In His Love and Service.


May 3, 2001


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