Remembering A Friend

A few years ago we were having dinner at the pilgrim center at Meherabad. Suddenly in a great White Fedora, walking with a cane entered Mr. Adrian Rawlins, a presence to be remembered and someone who seemed to know everyone but us. The next morning we found ourselves having breakfast with him in one of the atriums. That morning we were on our way to pay our respects to the samhadi's of Upasni Maharaj at Sakori and Sai Baba's at Shirdi.

Adrian asked if he might join us, then and there was born a most precious friendship. We started that morning as fellow pilgrims and by midday we were three old friends reunited. I remember touring the Indian countryside, the fields of Sugar cane, Bullock Carts, Thatched Villages, Water Buffalo's and our new old friend Adrian.

Glorious Adrian with that voice of thunder and the endless stories of God and Rock and Roll. (Lord he knew everyone, Dylan, Jagger, Townshend, Bowie, Little Richard and on and on...) and always with even the Famous and sometimes infamous Dear Adrian would work in the name of Meher Baba, whether with a poem or a little story and never forget his poetry. Poetry that came like a mountain spring, and that voice that sounded like the voice of God.

I remember we shared a picnic lunch that Allen Wagner had kindly prepared for us. Our sharing the grapes with an old Sadhu at Sakori, of being taken to the room where Beloved Baba had stayed when he was with Upasni and Adrian like some cosmic tour guide explaining things and telling stories of Upasni, of Godavri Mai and Meher Baba....

We traveled on to Shirdi where unknown to us a festival was taking place and the place was absolutely nuts, of our standing before the great block of stone that was Sai Baba's throne and the Neem Tree Sai Baba would sit under, half the leaves sweet and half bitter and always Adrians poetry.....

After we returned to America our friendship continued, we'd talk by phone every couple of weeks. About a month before Adrian passed away we received a package from Australia. In it Adrian had sent many of his poems and a letter in which he asked if we would post one of his poems from time to time, not all at once but every so often. Then we remembered something Adrian had told us that day on the road to Sakori.... "Always remember, death is just a continuum, nothing more, just a continuum".

Well Adrian, dear friend share your poetry we shall do.

We miss you, but what a joy to call you our friend.

Donald & David.

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